Jim Smart
May 1, 2002

Introducing the unexpected--a six-cylinder Mustang with V-8 underpinnings. OK, so it's a V-8-to-6 swap, right? Well, not exactly. It's a common-sense approach for those who love sixes and want the safety and performance of a V-8 suspension and braking.

Adam Faussett's '66 Mustang coupe is a "T" code steed originally equipped with a 200ci six. Because Adam didnt want just another V-8 Mustang, he opted for the more affordable six-cylinder coupe, widely available for a song. He then went to work building a rather unusual restomod. All it took was a V-8 Mustang parts car and perseverance. When you study this Candyapple Red coupe, it sends a confusing message: five-lug Cragar SS mags, no 289 Vee badge, and an inline-six underhood. But why?

If you've been around classic Mustangs for any time at all, you understand the limitations of a six-cylinder Mustang. It isn't the six-cylinder engine that limits our potential. It's the four-lug drum brakes and soft underpinnings that prevent us from achieving greatness with a six. We need the five-lug hubs, heavier spindles, a meatier rearend, and stiffer springs that V-8 chassis components give us. Adam knew this about the Mustang six.

Adam is 33. His first Mustang experience was at the age of 1 on a cross-country trip from Dearborn, Michigan, to Seattle, Washington. That trip, some 32 years ago, was in a new '69 Mustang six-cylinder SportsRoof. He may not remember the trip, but he certainly remembers the car. His father painted the hood to where the fastback resembled a Mach 1. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Adam was weaned on sporty sixes. His passion for performance began early on with that SportsRoof six.

When he reached driving age, he spun the cam lobes of a hot Ford Fiesta on nitrous in local bracket drag racing. Motorcycle racing followed. Adam has a zest for speed. He also sports a passion for safety. It's impossible to imagine Adam driving a six-cylinder Mustang with such a wimpy undercarriage. The car went up on jackstands right away.

Before Adam hit the road for the first time in this Mustang, he swapped the entire undercarriage. He fitted the chassis with Cragar SS mags, wheels he has loved his entire life. Adam's close friend, Dave Dorsch, helped work on the body and lay down the paint. When it was time to pursue propulsion, Adam looked to Clifford Performance for answers.

He opted for a 170 cylinder head that was milled, ported, and fitted with larger valves for snappy performance. The block was bored .030-inch oversize and fitted with flat-top pistons.

A special-grind camshaft from Clifford Performance bumps the valves aggressively. Three Autolite 1100 carburetors fitted atop an Offenhauser manifold make for improved breathing. Clifford headers provide dual exhausts that make a throaty sound. With the GT valance and exhaust trumpets, first impressions are that of a V-8.

We like the spirit of Adam's Mustang six. What Adam is telling us is simple. He chooses not to walk the miles of the masses, but to march to the beat of his own percussion. And, judging by his enthusiasm during our photo shoot in suburban Seattle, we're convinced Adam will be leaving lasting impressions all of his life.

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