Matt Rawlins
March 1, 2000
Contributers: Rob Kinnan, Matt Rawlins Photos By: Rob Kinnan

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P109450_large 1989_Ford_Mustang_LX Rear_Driver_SideP109451_large 1989_Ford_Mustang_LX Front_Driver_SideP109452_large 1989_Ford_Mustang_LX EngineP109453_large 1989_Ford_Mustang_LX Interior

To say that Jeff Turner's '89 LX coupe is wild definitely hits the nail on the head. Other adjectives that come to mind are extravagant, bright, blazing, vivid, beaming-you get the point.

The truth of the matter is that Jeff and his wife Keri have a son Kenny, who received a liver transplant at the University of Florida's Shands Hospital in Gainesville more than eight years ago. According to Jeff and Kerri, inspiration goes a long way, which is why every pass that Jeff makes in his LX coupe is motivated by Kenny and his strength. The Turners thought it was important to stand out and do something unique to the car in honor of their son's great fortune and unbelievable might. They decided to paint the car in orange and blue, which happen to be the University of Florida's colors. Jeff's brother Jimmy, who is a great source of strength for the family, is to be credited for the paint job, which was applied in several coats to get that extreme shine and clarity.

While the paint was being applied to the car, the added performance to the stock block was being done by Robert Ball of RB Performance out of Gainesville. The stock heads were replenished with a fresh set of healthy Ferrea 1.90 intake and 1.60 exhaust valves, plus a little porting work by RB. Wanting to work the heads as much as possible but without sacrificing idle quality, RB also slid in an E303 cam, and bolted on a set of Crane 1.6-ratio roller rocker arms. A ported and polished Edelbrock Performer intake tops the healthy stocker, and a 70mm throttle body, a 70mm mass air meter, MAC 15/8-inch long-tube headers, and 2-1/2 inch Flowmaster mufflers round out the engine mods. Just to make sure all the power gets to the ground, a Zoom kevlar clutch works with the stock T5, and Moser 28-spline axles, an Auburn Pro, and 4.10 gears augment the 8.8 rear.

Although this bright-blue-and-orange coupe doesn't sport big power adders like a blower or nitrous, it still kicks plenty of butt on the track. Until recently, Jeff's best quarter-mile time was a 12.33 at 110 mph, with a 1.59 60-foot time on 8-inch slicks. Then he made a few passes with 10-inch slicks which netted him a 12.24 at 111 mph. That's pretty fast for a car with the original block, ported stock heads, and stock suspension.

Yep, that's right, the suspension's only modifications have been a set of subframe connectors, 90/10 shocks up front, and urethane bushings in back. The rest is bone stock. There are tons of guys with a lot more money in their rides who wish they could run that fast. Once again proving that it's not necessarily how much money you put into the car, but rather the right combination of parts and a little inspiration that make the difference.