Jim Smart
June 1, 2000

Step By Step

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P91056_large 1991_Ford_Mustang Front_Driver_SideP91060_large 1991_Ford_Mustang Rear_Passenger_SideP91061_large 1991_Ford_Mustang EngineP91062_large 1991_Ford_Mustang InteriorP91063_large 1991_Ford_Mustang WheelP91064_large 1991_Ford_Mustang Front_Driver_Side

In the history of the Mustang there have been several factory colors that have been highly desirable for Mustang collectors and 5.0 freaks alike. Who could forget Rangoon Red, Grabber Green, or Vibrant Red? How about Poppy Red, Acapulco Blue, or Mystic? Legendary colors to say the least. Another Mustang color starting to catch on is Bright Tangerine clearcoat. Only available on '96 Mustang GT models, a Bright Tangerine clearcoat GT was sure to create showroom traffic, and will surely be collectible 20 years from now. In fact, one of the most popular Modular Mustangs drag racing in America today is Roxanne Shephard's Bright Tangerine '96 GT.

Shawn McCluskey of Richmond, British Columbia, liked the Tangerine color enough to buy the coupe featured on these pages. In May 1997 he and his little brother Ryan ventured out in an attempt to find the younger McClusky a 5.0 Mustang when they came across the '91 Tangerine coupe seen here. Much to little brother's shagrin, Shawn snagged it before Ryan could even reach for the checkbook. Shawn didn't plan on buying a Mustang that day, but the price was too good to pass up.

At the time these photos were taken, the coupe's stock 302 bottom end was bolstered with ported stock heads featuring 1.94/1.60 valves, Crane 1.6 roller rockers, E-303 cam, Cobra intake, and Paxton SN-92 supercharger. Since then, Shawn has stepped up the power by going to J-302 heads featuring 2.02/1.60 valves, GT40 intake, and a Vortech S-Trim featuring a race bypass valve and secondary oiling system. Boost figures approach 15 pounds in full-boogie mode. Only the E-303 cam and Crane roller rockers remain from the old combo. Feeding the air to the small-block is left up to a C&L 73mm mass air meter and a BBK 65mm throttle body. A set of 24-pound injectors work in concert with a 155-lph fuel pump and Vortex T-Rex pump to keep the beast fed. A Flex-A-Lite electric fan helps to keep things cool.

The rest of the drivetrain consists of a Hurst-shifted World Class T5 tranny clutched by a Centerforce Dual-Friction unit, an SVO aluminum driveshaft, and an Auburn Pro 3.73-geared 8.8 featuring Moser 31 spline axles and T/A cover and stud kit. Weld wheels all the way around are wrapped in BFGoodrich shoes in the rear and Dunlop treads at the front.

Exhaust duties are handled by MAC headers and H-pipe, plus Dynomax Ultra-Flow mufflers. An MSD 6AL with a Boost Retard makes sure the little Windsor is firing on all cylinders.

Interior appointments include Cerullo leather seats, Kenwood stereo, M44 Phoenix Gold amp, eight MTX speakers, Autometer and Saleen gauges, and a six-point roll cage featuring swing-out bars from Chris Alston Chassis Works (added after these photos were taken). A five-point harness keeps Shawn firmly planted in the driver's seat, while a Taylor trunk-mounted battery box kit aids in weight transfer. Shawn has also employed Wild Rides' Battle Boxes torque box reinforcements, along with subframe connectors to make sure nothing gets ripped out of its intended environment.

With the old combination, Shawn's best time was a 12.20 at 114 mph with a 1.58 60-foot time. Although he hasn't been able to test the new combo yet, he figures the 11-second zone is all but shattered. An 11-second timeslip will definitely make this coupe a Tangerine Terror.