Jim Smart
June 1, 1998

If we were to go about modifying an early Mustang, it would be hard to top the combination of changes performed on this ride. John and Robin Geiser went way out of their way to make this one both interesting and fast. Starting with a '65 Mustang coupe, the Geisers spared no expense in their preparation. They were looking to create a steed that would be useable on the street and able to make the rounds at local shows and cruise nights. They also wanted this Mustang to run hard, which it does, running in the mid 12s without nitrous. It's easy to see this project was a resounding success.

This car plays host to so many innovative changes that it's hard to know where to begin. Before we even start on the driveline, you need to know the entire frontend, including the suspension, steering, brakes, and shock towers, comes from a '70 Mustang. Now you can understand how a 351 Cleveland fits so well here. These changes allow for a very sanitary installation. There are no chop marks, and the mill looks like it was born there.

Speaking of Cleveland 351s, this one has been treated to the works. She's got a 12.5:1 compression ratio, the good-guy 4V heads, roller rockers, and a Crane cam. Further goodies on this mill include a 750-cfm Holley double-pumper and a two-stage nitrous system. We have no doubts that this car really gets with the program, as it has run a best of 12.47 in the quarter...without the bottle.

The original four-speed trans was axed in favor of a specially prepared C4. From there, power goes to a 9-inch rear axle with a deep gear ratio of 4.88:1. The rearend is further prepped with narrowed 35-spline axles and a lightweight spool.

All the great preparation didn't end with the driveline. You don't need a telescope to see the outstanding paint and body work. The bright red paint from Spies Heckler was expertly applied by East Coast Customs of Stowe, Pennsylvania. Preparation was extensive, and as you can see, the car's not waving at you from any perspective. Great-looking rims from Weld sporting 165-R15 Laramies out front and 31-inch 16.5-15 Mickey Thompsons in the rear help round out the appearance on the outside.

We already mentioned the '70 Mustang frontend, but suspension mods don't end there. Koni shocks and Carrera springs smooth out the bumps. Out back, there's a complete ladder bar and coilover setup. This helps in the launch department.

Inside the beautiful coupe, we find a full eight-point rollcage and M&R seatbelts to help with safety. Auto Meter gauges fit into a five-dial factory bezel for a slick and functional setup. Just because this Mustang is nearly a complete race car doesn't mean that John and Robin go without the comfort of a finished interior. Complete upholstery and door panels grace the inside of the rig. There's even a custom padded dash to add a nice finishing touch.

With a car that runs and looks like this one, it's easy to tell that the Geisers are dedicated Ford fanatics. The fact that it runs in the 12-second range on street tires without nitrous makes us wonder what the car would run with slicks and full-on nitrous. No doubt it would be a wild ride. We also suspect that they must have another car in the family to go to work in or to get the groceries. On the other hand, running in the 12s on the way to the Piggly Wiggly is something we've wondered about....

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