Jim Smart
July 1, 1998

It isn't often that we run across a '70 Boss 302 Mustang as nice as this one. If you want to know what one is supposed to look like, here it is. Steve Androsko really went to town when he cleaned up this car, and he has it looking better than new. This is the genuine article.

Anyone who can remember knows that the Boss 302 was a strong contender for ruler of the small-block roost when it was introduced in 1969. Using the big-valve, big-port heads from the not-yet-introduced Cleveland engine series, the little 302 was a screamer par excellence. The mill was originally developed for the Trans-Am racing series, and by the time 1970 rolled around, the cars began cleaning up at the track, winning the season opener at Laguna Seca. Racing victories translated into brisk sales for Ford.

With authenticity high on his list, Steve began the refurbishment by stripping the car down to bare metal. The bodywork remains stock, and the Boss has been lowered just enough to enhance the already aggressive look of the rig. No doubt this helps in the handling department also. The original color, Grabber Orange, was expertly applied by The Mustang Ranch of Eatonville, Washington. The body is as straight as an arrow and features all of the correct factory markings as originally rendered by automotive design genius Larry Shinoda. The factory look is continued in the rolling stock department with Magnum 500 wheels shod with F60x15 Goodyear Polyglas tires.

Don't suspect for a minute the underhood area of the project was neglected. The original Boss four-bolt block was left alone, but all the internals are new. Bliss Performance of Puyallup, Washington, did the engine assembly work as well as a little massage work on the heads. Completely ported and polished, the heads cover up a set of pistons with a 12.2:1 compression ratio. The mill is backed up by a four-speed Top Loader trans, and the twist goes back to a 3.50:1 9-inch rearend. The incredible attention to detail is also continued underhood: The engine bay looks as clean as the outside of the car.

One glance inside shows that the clean theme continues into the interior, with everything being redone in the original white Comfortweave vinyl. Perfect carpet and door panels round out the picture on the inside of the rare Boss. We don't know how you feel, but to us, this car represents the best of the hobby. There's no doubt that tons of time and affection were lavished on the car, because it certainly shows. The patience and attention to detail are just what the doctor ordered to restore such a rare and beautiful car as this Boss Mustang.

When he can get away from his duties as an engineer, Steve and his wife, Kelly, enjoy taking the car to Mustang shows--where, by the way, their Boss has a perfect score so far of eight First Place finishes out of eight shows in which it has competed. That's not a bad batting average. Steve says he also enjoys pulling up to Chevys at traffic lights. He probably asks them if they need their clocks cleaned.

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