Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
April 1, 2001

Step By Step

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P65490_large 1999_Ford_Mustang_GT Front_Driver_SideP65496_image_largeP65491_large 1999_Ford_Mustang_GT Rear_Passenger_Side
Steeda 18-inch wheels wrapped in Nitto Extreme treads tell you something’s different about this Anniversary GT. Steeda Sidewinder graphics were also added to dress up the GT’s flanks. Of course, the car received Steeda’s suspension packages—both front and rear—including Sport springs, upper and lower rear control arms, and Tokico five-way llumina shocks and struts.
P65492_large 1999_Ford_Mustang_GT Engine
To make sure the engine would stay together, Steeda incorporated a Cobra crank, Manley rods, BRC pistons, and Hastings rings within the bored stock block. The Two-Valve sports 284 ci and a 9.25 compression ratio. An FRPP intake and heads make the most of the Vortech S-Trim’s boost capabilities. Even through the Art Carr AOD-E, 428 hp makes its way to the rear wheels.
P65493_large 1999_Ford_Mustang_GT Front_View
Other than the Steeda graphics, the body remains in its true 35th Anniversary form. If the graphics don’t get your attention, the sound of the FRPP/Bassani exhaust system will.
P65494_large 1999_Ford_Mustang_GT UndercarriageP65495_large 1999_Ford_Mustang_GT Interior
The only aspects of the interior that would give away any added power under the hood are the A-pillar–mounted Auto Meter fuel pressure and boost gauges. Those are big giveaways, but with 4.10 gears out back it won’t take long to realize this car’s performance is for real.

Here at 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, we receive phone calls all the time telling us about hot Mustangs. Usually we tell the person to send us pictures of said hot Mustang and we go from there. When we received one such call from Steeda Autosports [(954) 960-0774] in Pompano Beach, Florida, describing a ’99 35th Anniversary GT that made more than 400 hp at the wheels, we were mildly interested.

Then the words “It’s an automatic” came through the other side of the phone. That’s when we really got excited.

It turns out a customer of Steeda’s had once owned a ’97 GT that was treated to a wealth of performance components—including a blower—but one toasted piston after another made the gentleman dump the Mustang in favor of a ’99 Lightning.

However, one trip to Bill Currie Ford led to the purchase of the Performance Red 35th Anniversary Mustang seen here. Not wanting to repeat his past mistakes, the gentleman summoned Steeda to outfit the Two-Valve accordingly in order to maintain reliability while still making a ton of power. Oh, yeah—remember we said it was an automatic? That proved to be a monumental exercise in tuning expertise. The folks at Steeda hammered it out, however, and now they have one happy customer.

Horse Sense: According to the Third Generation News & Beyond National Mustang Registry (thrdgenreg@aol.com), 4,642 35th Anniversary Mustangs were built in 1999. Ford built 1,555 in Performance Red—like our feature car—of which 859 were five-speeds and 696 were automatics.