March 8, 2004

Yellow Mustang of Texas

In 1969, Steve McCormick was a married college student and young father who couldn't afford a new Mach 1. But 28 years later, he found this Mach 1 to purchase--from David Edwards, a young father who was selling his '69 Mach 1 to make a down-payment on his first home. Painstakingly built by David, the Mach 1 is equipped with a modified 351 Cleveland, a four-speed, and yellow paint. Steve has added 17-inch Torq-Thrust wheels, a Griffin radiator, and several suspension upgrades.

The Forgotten Cobra

With all the hoopla over the current SVT Mustang Cobra, it's easy to forget the first late-model Cobra appeared in 1979. Jim Pasquine, from Poland, Ohio, remembers because he bought this '79 Cobra, with turbo-four power, brand new when he graduated from high school in November 1978. "Except for the tires, everything is as original as the day I drove it off the lot," Jim says. "It has 29,000 miles, and I have stored it every winter. It has never seen snow."

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Alaska Bullitt

Starting with a 98,000-mile GT with a stock 302 and four-speed, Craig Rowell from Soldotna, Alaska, has converted his '68 fastback into a Bullitt replica, right down to the Highland Green paint, Torq-Thrust wheels, and deleted grille emblem. The 11-month rebuild project also included a new suspension, Deluxe interior conversion, and new weatherstripping. "Bed liner installation is what I do," says Craig, "so the inside and undercarriage were sandblasted and cleaned before the application of a special truck-bed-liner coating to prevent rust and to make it soundproof."

Special Driver

Several years ago, Kaye Furubotten, from Rescue, California, bought a rough '68 California Special. After "practicing" on his wife's '66 hardtop, Kaye initiated the GTCS's refurbishment in earnest, performing all of the work himself except for the paint, seat upholstery, A/C overhaul, and headliner. Used as a daily/ weekly driver, the Highland Green hardtop now gets numerous compliments and "starts people talking about the Mustang they used to own," Kaye says.

Mom's Grande

"They don't get any more original than this," says William Welzenbach, who is now the proud owner of the '69 Grande his mother bought brand new in December 1968 for the paltry sum of $3,500. In fact, William drove the car home from Beverly Hills Ford. Now residing in Bakersfield, California, the Aztec Aqua hardtop is bone-stock except for a Custom Autosound radio and a steel barrier behind the rear seat for safety. Always garaged and "babied," the Grande is equipped with a 302, a Rim-Blow steering wheel, and power brakes and steering.