March 8, 2004

Grand Grande

Charles Kirby, from Mission, Texas, says he restored his '69 Mustang Grande "not to concours condition, but to personal taste." Part of that tasteful recipe includes Magnum 500 wheels, Mach 1 running horse emblems on the roof side pillars, and a MagnaFlow exhaust system. Otherwise, the four-year restoration project took the hardtop back to stock condition, including a rebuild for the 351 two-barrel engine. Charles performed all the work--except for the paint--with help from his son.

Saleen Transformation

Starting out with an '01 GT convertible, Peter Brunetzky from Anaheim, California, transformed the True Blue Mustang into a Saleen look-alike by utilizing a Saleen body kit, styling bar, speedster tonneau, S351 center exhaust, and 18-inch Saleen wheels with Kumho 275/35ZR18 tires. To spice up the interior, Peter added billet accessories from UPR and MGW, carbon-fiber trim pieces, BBK racing pedals, and a Bullitt shifter bezel. "My goal was to create an understated elegance that would get noticed but not scream 'look at me!' " Peter says. "I think I've accomplished that goal." We have to agree.

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True Blue

While sitting on the Jersey shore thumbing through Mustang Monthly, Tom Kaiser decided he could save enough money to buy a nice Mustang. After working odd jobs and selling items on eBay, Tom put together the funds to purchase this clean '67 hardtop. An original C-code 289 car, the Mustang has been upgraded to GTA specs, and its original Diamond Blue paint has been changed to Acapulco Blue, which looks great with the black vinyl roof and two-tone blue interior. For more go-power, the engine has been modified with an Edelbrock intake, Holley carb, and performance cam.

Office of the Mayor

When St. Ignace, Michigan, Mayor Bruce Dodson needs a convertible for parades, he simply has to ask his wife for the keys to her '84 1/2 20th Anniversary convertible. With only 13,000 miles on the odometer, the Mustang is totally original, right down to the tires and battery. It's powered by the 5.0-liter H.O. with a five-speed. According to Mayor Dodson, "The car has never seen rain and is stored in a heated garage during the winter." Check out the license plate--it reads "MAYRR."

Fireman Red

Scott Creange is a fireman in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who loves the sight of his red-on-red '65 fastback next to a red fire truck. A base model 2+2 with the C-code 289 and an automatic, the '65 was originally sold new in Plano, Texas, but has spent most of its life in New Mexico. Scott bought the car, with over 200,000 miles on the odometer, from the original owner, then replaced the factory 289 with a professionally-built, 425hp 289. "Boy, is she a sleeper!" Scott says.