March 8, 2004

Thanks for the Memories

Scott Mayfield from Quincy, Illinois, purchased this '641/2 hardtop when he was 15 years old. "When my father helped me roll the car out of the old barn it was stored in, I never in my wildest dreams thought it would look like it does now." That was 15 years ago, a time span that provided Scott many great memories of working on the Mustang with his father. The Wimbledon White coupe is powered by a 289 four-barrel with an automatic. Options include power steering/brakes and air conditioning, and Scott added factory fog lights and console.

Cracking the Whip

John Pine III's '88 Mustang GT convertible is all-original with only 22,500 miles, but that doesn't prevent him from "cracking the whip" on the Light Gray ragtop. "It's a blast," says John, who bought the car new and continues to maintain it in original condition. "It's almost 100 percent stock," John says, "including the tires. The only exception is the battery. Why can't I get 15 years out of a battery?" Hailing from Springfield, Illinois, the GT is equipped with a white leather interior, a five-speed transmission, and every available 1988 option.

Norwegian Mach

From across the Atlantic, we received photos of Bjorn Svange's "pride and joy," a '71 Mach 1 powered by a 429 Cobra Jet with the C6 automatic. Bjorn, from Trondheim, Norway, purchased the Mach five years ago, and has restored the interior and rebuilt the engine, along with adding "some new parts here and there." Bjorn adds, "I am having a great time driving this stallion. Whenever I take it out for a drive, the look and the sound always make a lot of heads turn."

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Some Assembly Required

When Andrew Robinson bought his '641/2 convertible, it was mostly in boxes, a classic example of someone who "was going to restore it" but never got beyond disassembly. Andrew got it back together and running in time to go to college, even though the body was in primer and the interior was missing. Eventually, after career and marriage, Andrew finished his restoration, prepping the body himself before having Maaco spray the paint. "It won't win any concours," says the Suwannee, Georgia, resident, "but I don't have to worry about parking-lot nicks. In fact, a concours judge once told me that it has just the right amount of orange peel!"

Faux Mach

By getting his Mustang into the pages of Mustang Monthly, Michael Waddle is following in the hoofbeats of his father and grandfather, who have both had their '72 Mustangs featured in the magazine. However, Michael prefers the newer breed, taking his '98 V-6 Mustang and adding some creativity to come up with his own "faux Mach 1." Michael started by adding semi-flat-black paint to the hood and a side-stripe kit with "Mach 1" carved out of the decals. Roush 17-inch wheels help set the car apart, and custom fender emblems, taken from Magnum 500 wheel centers, replace the plain Mustang emblems on the fenders.