March 8, 2004

Showcasing the Rides of Mustang Owners Around the World.

Original-Owner H.O.

Ron and Shirley Brashaw from Mt. Carroll, Illinois, purchased their '72 Mach 1 with the R-code H.O. engine brand new, and they still own it today. "Fundamentally, the mid-'72 H.O. is a Boss 351 detuned with lower compression for reduced emissions," the Brashaws say. Completely original with only 53,000 miles, the H.O. Mach is equipped with the R-code mandatory four-speed and 3.91 gears. Today, the Mach 1 is used only for cruises and car shows.

Road Tripper

Tim Cullen says he fell in love with '65 Mustang fastbacks as a kid, "And I swore I would have one. Well, it took almost 30 years, but I was finally able to make the dream come true." Originally a six-cylinder, three-speed car, the Twilight Blue with Crystal Blue stripes Mustang is now equipped with a 289 4V, C4 automatic, V-8 rear axle, and five-lug wheels all around, which are covered in era-style Baby Moon hubcaps. Hailing from Gillette, Wyoming, Tim says, "I usually road-trip her in the evenings of our all-too-short Wyoming summers."

Mock Mach

Eric Seibert of Custer Park, Illinois, had a unique reason to complete the restoration of his '70 fastback: His son, Jesse, wanted to go for a ride in the Calypso Coral Mustang for his 7th birthday. (By the way, a picture of Jesse, then 18 months old, holding a copy of Mustang Monthly appeared in our Aug. '98 issue). Eric calls his fastback "Mock Mach" because it features Mach 1-style hood stripes and fog lamps. Power comes from a 400hp 351 Cleveland backed by a Top Loader four-speed with a Hurst shifter and a 9-inch rearend with 3.89 gears. A Mach 1 interior, a Shaker hoodscoop, and hood pins are planned as winter projects.

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Lean, Clean GT

For Scott Wallace of Green River, Wyoming, mostly exterior modifications have been the key to personalizing his '98 GT. So far, the red coupe is equipped with a billet grille, clear headlights, and beautiful 17x9 Cragar wheels with 245/45ZR17 tires. Future plans for the GT include a Boss Shinoda rear wing. Inside, Scott's Mustang came with a Mach 460 stereo and leather seats, plus he's added a Pro 5.0 shifter.

Grabber Red

Houston's Bill Nugent purchased his '70 Grabber Mustang over 17 years ago. Now painted Fire Engine Red with a flat-black hood, the daily driver fastback is one of the special Grabber models that came with C-stripes, sport mirrors, and black-out rear panel. It's still equipped with its original 302 2V engine, but Bill has rebuilt the front end and replaced the exhaust.

Yellow Mustang of Texas

In 1969, Steve McCormick was a married college student and young father who couldn't afford a new Mach 1. But 28 years later, he found this Mach 1 to purchase--from David Edwards, a young father who was selling his '69 Mach 1 to make a down-payment on his first home. Painstakingly built by David, the Mach 1 is equipped with a modified 351 Cleveland, a four-speed, and yellow paint. Steve has added 17-inch Torq-Thrust wheels, a Griffin radiator, and several suspension upgrades.

The Forgotten Cobra

With all the hoopla over the current SVT Mustang Cobra, it's easy to forget the first late-model Cobra appeared in 1979. Jim Pasquine, from Poland, Ohio, remembers because he bought this '79 Cobra, with turbo-four power, brand new when he graduated from high school in November 1978. "Except for the tires, everything is as original as the day I drove it off the lot," Jim says. "It has 29,000 miles, and I have stored it every winter. It has never seen snow."

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Alaska Bullitt

Starting with a 98,000-mile GT with a stock 302 and four-speed, Craig Rowell from Soldotna, Alaska, has converted his '68 fastback into a Bullitt replica, right down to the Highland Green paint, Torq-Thrust wheels, and deleted grille emblem. The 11-month rebuild project also included a new suspension, Deluxe interior conversion, and new weatherstripping. "Bed liner installation is what I do," says Craig, "so the inside and undercarriage were sandblasted and cleaned before the application of a special truck-bed-liner coating to prevent rust and to make it soundproof."

Special Driver

Several years ago, Kaye Furubotten, from Rescue, California, bought a rough '68 California Special. After "practicing" on his wife's '66 hardtop, Kaye initiated the GTCS's refurbishment in earnest, performing all of the work himself except for the paint, seat upholstery, A/C overhaul, and headliner. Used as a daily/ weekly driver, the Highland Green hardtop now gets numerous compliments and "starts people talking about the Mustang they used to own," Kaye says.

Mom's Grande

"They don't get any more original than this," says William Welzenbach, who is now the proud owner of the '69 Grande his mother bought brand new in December 1968 for the paltry sum of $3,500. In fact, William drove the car home from Beverly Hills Ford. Now residing in Bakersfield, California, the Aztec Aqua hardtop is bone-stock except for a Custom Autosound radio and a steel barrier behind the rear seat for safety. Always garaged and "babied," the Grande is equipped with a 302, a Rim-Blow steering wheel, and power brakes and steering.

Thanks for the Memories

Scott Mayfield from Quincy, Illinois, purchased this '641/2 hardtop when he was 15 years old. "When my father helped me roll the car out of the old barn it was stored in, I never in my wildest dreams thought it would look like it does now." That was 15 years ago, a time span that provided Scott many great memories of working on the Mustang with his father. The Wimbledon White coupe is powered by a 289 four-barrel with an automatic. Options include power steering/brakes and air conditioning, and Scott added factory fog lights and console.

Cracking the Whip

John Pine III's '88 Mustang GT convertible is all-original with only 22,500 miles, but that doesn't prevent him from "cracking the whip" on the Light Gray ragtop. "It's a blast," says John, who bought the car new and continues to maintain it in original condition. "It's almost 100 percent stock," John says, "including the tires. The only exception is the battery. Why can't I get 15 years out of a battery?" Hailing from Springfield, Illinois, the GT is equipped with a white leather interior, a five-speed transmission, and every available 1988 option.

Norwegian Mach

From across the Atlantic, we received photos of Bjorn Svange's "pride and joy," a '71 Mach 1 powered by a 429 Cobra Jet with the C6 automatic. Bjorn, from Trondheim, Norway, purchased the Mach five years ago, and has restored the interior and rebuilt the engine, along with adding "some new parts here and there." Bjorn adds, "I am having a great time driving this stallion. Whenever I take it out for a drive, the look and the sound always make a lot of heads turn."

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Some Assembly Required

When Andrew Robinson bought his '641/2 convertible, it was mostly in boxes, a classic example of someone who "was going to restore it" but never got beyond disassembly. Andrew got it back together and running in time to go to college, even though the body was in primer and the interior was missing. Eventually, after career and marriage, Andrew finished his restoration, prepping the body himself before having Maaco spray the paint. "It won't win any concours," says the Suwannee, Georgia, resident, "but I don't have to worry about parking-lot nicks. In fact, a concours judge once told me that it has just the right amount of orange peel!"

Faux Mach

By getting his Mustang into the pages of Mustang Monthly, Michael Waddle is following in the hoofbeats of his father and grandfather, who have both had their '72 Mustangs featured in the magazine. However, Michael prefers the newer breed, taking his '98 V-6 Mustang and adding some creativity to come up with his own "faux Mach 1." Michael started by adding semi-flat-black paint to the hood and a side-stripe kit with "Mach 1" carved out of the decals. Roush 17-inch wheels help set the car apart, and custom fender emblems, taken from Magnum 500 wheel centers, replace the plain Mustang emblems on the fenders.

Bench-Seat CJ

John Taliaferro from Staunton, Virginia, is the third owner of this '681/2 Cobra Jet fastback, one of only 11 built with the bench seat and automatic transmission. Purchased in April 1973 with 22,000 miles on it, John has racked up another 58,000 miles over the past 30 years. During that time, it's been repainted (with painted-on GT stripes because decals weren't available at the time) and the engine rebuilt to factory specifications. John says, "It's a matching-numbers car with the VIN on the left rear cylinder head and transmission."

Tribute to Carroll

"My son and I restored this '65 fastback together," says David Tabor. "It's been a great growing experience for both of us." The father and son from Vermontville, Michigan, elected to build the 289 four-speed fastback with a Shelby theme. "I've been teaching Austin about Carroll Shelby and his cars," David explains. "There were only 562 GT350s in 1965, so it's not realistic that we'll ever own one. So we built one. Whether right or wrong, we did it for the love of the car and out of respect for Shelby."

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Red Racer

Ed Gile purchased his '86 GT as a retirement gift to himself after 20 years in the U.S. Navy. Over time, Ed has converted the car into a street-legal "Trans Am road-racer look-alike." Modifications to the Virginia Beach, Virginia, GT include a five-lug wheel conversion, Saleen rear wing, America Racing Torq-Thrust wheels, Eibach springs, BBK headers and Flowmaster mufflers, and a combination of suspension enhancements from Steeda, Saleen, and Dugan Racing. Fast Signs in Virginia Beach created the graphics.

Pride of '73

When Bowditch Ford in Newport News, Virginia, received its last '73 Mustang convertible in 1973, Bill Bowditch, Jr. grabbed it for himself. And he's owned the blue ragtop ever since. Originally a standard convertible with the 2V 351C, Bill has upgraded over time to a Holley four-barrel, dual exhaust, Mach 1 front end, three-hole dash with aftermarket instruments, and aluminum wheels. "It helps that I'm a Ford dealer and my guys have done much of the work," Bill says. "At 74,000 miles, it is still running strong."

Tangerine Dream

Even Ray Charles can see Pete Watson's Tangerine '96 GT convertible coming down the road. The bright Mustang from Niagara Falls, Ontario, is one of 51 built with the Tangerine paint, black leather interior, and five-speed. Factory options include ABS and Mach 460 sound with CD. Pete has also added Flowmaster mufflers, BFG Comp T/A tires on Bullitt wheels, a Classic Design Concepts lightbar, and hard tonneau covers.

Grand Grande

Charles Kirby, from Mission, Texas, says he restored his '69 Mustang Grande "not to concours condition, but to personal taste." Part of that tasteful recipe includes Magnum 500 wheels, Mach 1 running horse emblems on the roof side pillars, and a MagnaFlow exhaust system. Otherwise, the four-year restoration project took the hardtop back to stock condition, including a rebuild for the 351 two-barrel engine. Charles performed all the work--except for the paint--with help from his son.

Saleen Transformation

Starting out with an '01 GT convertible, Peter Brunetzky from Anaheim, California, transformed the True Blue Mustang into a Saleen look-alike by utilizing a Saleen body kit, styling bar, speedster tonneau, S351 center exhaust, and 18-inch Saleen wheels with Kumho 275/35ZR18 tires. To spice up the interior, Peter added billet accessories from UPR and MGW, carbon-fiber trim pieces, BBK racing pedals, and a Bullitt shifter bezel. "My goal was to create an understated elegance that would get noticed but not scream 'look at me!' " Peter says. "I think I've accomplished that goal." We have to agree.

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True Blue

While sitting on the Jersey shore thumbing through Mustang Monthly, Tom Kaiser decided he could save enough money to buy a nice Mustang. After working odd jobs and selling items on eBay, Tom put together the funds to purchase this clean '67 hardtop. An original C-code 289 car, the Mustang has been upgraded to GTA specs, and its original Diamond Blue paint has been changed to Acapulco Blue, which looks great with the black vinyl roof and two-tone blue interior. For more go-power, the engine has been modified with an Edelbrock intake, Holley carb, and performance cam.

Office of the Mayor

When St. Ignace, Michigan, Mayor Bruce Dodson needs a convertible for parades, he simply has to ask his wife for the keys to her '84 1/2 20th Anniversary convertible. With only 13,000 miles on the odometer, the Mustang is totally original, right down to the tires and battery. It's powered by the 5.0-liter H.O. with a five-speed. According to Mayor Dodson, "The car has never seen rain and is stored in a heated garage during the winter." Check out the license plate--it reads "MAYRR."

Fireman Red

Scott Creange is a fireman in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who loves the sight of his red-on-red '65 fastback next to a red fire truck. A base model 2+2 with the C-code 289 and an automatic, the '65 was originally sold new in Plano, Texas, but has spent most of its life in New Mexico. Scott bought the car, with over 200,000 miles on the odometer, from the original owner, then replaced the factory 289 with a professionally-built, 425hp 289. "Boy, is she a sleeper!" Scott says.

Fine Like Wine

"The picture doesn't do the car justice!" exclaims George Martin, the Londonderry, New Hampshire, owner of this '69 SportsRoof. Painted in CandyBrandywine with a marbling treatment in the hood and rear spoilers, the fastback took First Place in the '64-'78 Modified class at last year's All-Ford Nationals. After sitting in a Massachusetts garage for 23 years, George bought the Mustang in 2000 and initiated its refurbishing, which included the addition of a 300-350hp 302, built C4, 3.55 gears, and original Magnum 500 wheels.

GT for Speed

Steve Gessler wasted little time getting his 2000 GT up to speed. Purchased new in January 2001, the white GT is already equipped with a Bassani X-pipe and after-cat exhaust system, MAC cold-air induction with a K&N filter, and a 70mm throttle body. To enhance the appearance, Steve added a Rozzi front air dam along with a bevy of Bullitt accessories, including the wheels, fuel filler door, and shifter bezel. Future mods for this Madison, Wisconsin, GT coupe include underdrive pullies and 3.73 gears.

Sneaky like a Fox

With the factory wheels and no body modifications, Tony Bonura's LX 5.0 hatchback looks like a nice, original Fox-body Mustang. But under the skin, Tony has added more performance parts than we can list here. We'll have to suffice by saying it's plenty hot. Tony, from Wheatley Heights, New York, bought the car new and keeps the mileage down, with just over 6,000 showing on the odometer. "All of the original parts and hardware were cleaned, labeled, and bagged," Tony says, "so it can be restored to 100 percent original in the future."

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Daily Coupe

Seventeen-year-old Josh Barnhart bought his '66 Mustang hardtop in January 2002 and allowed his father to work "day and night" doing the bodywork and other exterior projects, which included a new vinyl top and some paint. Josh and his dad, from Clear Spring, Maryland, also added vintage wheels, new tires, a new steering wheel, and "several coats of wax" before Josh hit the road for daily driving and local weekend car shows.

Back in the Saddle

Tom Kiernan owned a '67 Mustang when he was in high school but had to sell it when he lost his job. "I always missed it and dreamed of getting another one someday," says Tim, of Centennial, Colorado. Well, Tim's all grown up now and much better off in terms of employment, so he succumbed to the Mustang bug by purchasing this '67 coupe, an original Denver car with a 289 automatic, black Deluxe interior, and factory air. "It's great to be back in the saddle," Tim adds.

Oddball Boss

We pictured the rare cloth-seat inserts from Tony Thompson's '70 Boss 302 in the February '03 issue, so Tony sent us a photo of the rest of the car for Readers' Album. When he purchased the Boss from Ohio's Rick Parker, Tony knew the car was an oddball, with the unusual seats and lack of options--it had no Magnum wheels, Shaker, slats, or rear spoiler. Since the purchase, Tony, from Proctorville, Ohio, has repainted it in the correct shade of white, reconditioned the seat inserts, and detailed the engine and trunk.

Mexican Cobra

For Fernando Mangino from Toluca, Estado de Mexico, the wait was worth it. Because Ford of Mexico carries only Mustang GT coupes, Fernando had to go through his local Blue Oval Certified dealer, Gimsa Automotriz, to "pull some strings" to order an '02 Cobra convertible. But when SVT skipped 2002, Fernando ended up waiting for the '03 supercharged version. "I was very happy with the news," Fernando says. "The process was so complicated and time consuming that Ford of Mexico advised me that it is the only '03 Cobra sold new in Mexico."

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Basketcase to Beauty

Bill Jones makes no bones about the condition of his '65 convertible when he bought it in 1997. "It was a complete basketcase," he says. "I loaded the chassis on a trailer and put the boxes of parts in the back of my truck. You should have seen the look on my wife's face when I backed it into the driveway!" Over the next seven months, Bill transformed the Mustang from basketcase to beauty, doing all the work himself. The only thing farmed out was the machine work on the 289 two-barrel engine. "I love it when people ask me where I had it restored," says the Delavan, Wisconsin, resident. "That's when I proudly tell them I did it all myself, right down to the paint."

Yellow Mach of Texas

Steve Stidham, of Wolfe City, Texas, is the proud owner of this mostly all-original '70 Mach 1 with the unusual Bright Yellow exterior and Ginger interior. Equipped from the factory with the Shaker-scooped 351 Cleveland four-barrel engine, the Mach shows only 73,000 miles and features air conditioning, power steering and brakes, Convenience Group, and fold-down rear seat. "The car is all original except for BFG radials, AM/FM/cassette stereo, and MSD ignition," Steve says. "The original space-saver spare is still in the trunk and has never been on the ground!"

High School Sweetheart

Lori Hill has owned this '68 convertible since high school. When she married Ryan Hill, the couple sent the red ragtop to Mike and Kevin at Superior Auto Body in Gadsden, Alabama, for a complete exterior restoration. The result is a red-on-red sweetheart with polished Torq-Thrust wheels and a J-code (four-barrel) 302. "I did the interior and engine restoration myself," Ryan says. "It's almost finished now... or is it ever finished?"

Stock Fox

It's not often these days that you see a Fox-body GT without drag-race wheels and Flowmaster mufflers. But Mustang Club of America Regional Director Bob Kacinko, from Churchill, Pennsylvania, has chosen to keep his '92 GT hatchback completely stock, with the exception of an Alpine stereo. In fact, Bob special-ordered the Ebony black GT with radio delete because he didn't like the sound of the factory radio. With only 53,000 miles on the odometer, the 5.0-powered GT has won over 50 show trophies, including a number of Best of Show, Gold, and First Place awards in MCA competition.

Impulsive GT

After attending a Mustang show near his Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, hometown, John Dauberman found himself at the local Ford dealer, where he and his wife purchased this Autumn Gold '97 GT. "I guess you could say it was an impulse buy," John says. Before taking delivery, John had the dealership install the Ford SVO side exhaust. John has learned from the Third Generation and Beyond National Registry that only 120 GT coupes were produced in Autumn Gold with the Ebony (black) interior and five-speed. A "sunny-day" driver only, the GT has never been in the snow.

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New Zealand Mach

Paeroa, New Zealand, is now the home for this '69 Mach 1, which was imported from California in 1989. Current owners Kevin and Margaret Mold bought the 351W-powered Mach in 2000 with 92,000 miles on the odometer. After a 21/2-year restoration by the Molds, the Candyapple Red Mach 1 is back on the road for runs and other events with the Waikato Mustang Club. Originally equipped with air conditioning, fold-down rear seat, power steering and brakes, and FMX automatic, Kevin and Margaret strayed a bit from stock by widening the 12-slot wheels for a more muscular stance.

Family Tradition

Since 1965, this GT fastback has been owned by one of the Braun brothers in Boise, Idaho. Originally purchased brand-new by older brother Don, it was later owned by younger brother Steve. Today, the Twilight Turquoise fastback is owned by Robert and Glenda Braun, who had the car "stripped from bumper to bumper and fully restored to original condition" in 1998. According to Robert, "The Pony escorted the three brothers to the ski hill many times in its first life." In its second life, the car is a show winner, taking three "Outstanding" awards at the Boise Roadster Show. Robert and Margaret are active members in the Treasure Valley Mustang and Ford Club.

Big Red Sled

That's what Hank Gries calls his red '73 convertible. Purchased in 2000 from previous owner Max Sallisbury, who had the car featured in Readers' Album when it was stock, Hank put the car through a total makeover, adding restomod touches like the Edelbrock 17-inch wheels, front spoiler, lower stance, and "ticket-me-red" paint with white stripes. For power, Hank installed a 351 Cleveland crate engine that's been pumped up with a mild performance cam and Edelbrock carburetor, along with a four-row radiator "for those toasty runs to L.A." from Hank's hometown of Phoenix.