Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
December 14, 2003

From there, the Mustang's standard interior was converted to Shelby-likeDeluxe, including the GT500 emblem above the glovebox door and awood-rim steering wheel from Tony Branda. Two prominently featured itemsfrom the movie include the Total Control aluminum pedal covers andnitrous switch. Although not part of the movie cars, Glenn built atranny tunnel-mounted box to provide a mounting location for three AutoMeter gauges (voltage, oil pressure, and water temperature), and fivetoggle switches to operate the PIAA lights.

Although he left the 289 engine untouched, it's not a slouch by anymeans. The rebuilt small-block has been enhanced with ported andpolished heads, Edelbrock intake, 750-cfm Holley four-barrel, mildstreet cam, and Hooker headers.

While Glenn's look-alike Eleanor doesn't necessarily fall into thebudget category, so to speak, it's definitely a low-buck approach forgetting the Eleanor look. Anyone can use the car as a blueprint forbuilding their own, with the option of adding the Total Controlsuspension, high-performance engine, and four-speed to make the carperform as good as it looks.

Many people have dreamed about owning an Eleanor Mustang. Throughresearch, diligence, and a modest out-lay of cash, Glenn Gatley madegood on his promise.

Homebuilt Eleanor Parts List '67-'68 Mustang Fastback

* CVS Eleanor body kit (headlight bezels, billet aluminumupper and lower grilles, front lower valance, hood, front fender flares, rear fender flares, side-exhaust skirts, exhausttips, upper side scoops, lower side scoops, taillamp panel)

* Shelby-style trunk lid and rear quarter extensions

* '67 Cougar taillamp lenses and buckets

* Shelby-style bullet side mirrors

* '71-'73 Mach 1 pop-open gas cap

* PS Engineering 17x8 wheels

* 245/40x17 Falken tires

* '67 Deluxe Interior

* Wood steering wheel

* PIAA lights; PIAA 4060 (headlights); PIAA 959, PN 9593 (smalllights in head-lamp panel) PIAA PK 348E, PN 8360 (large lights in centerof valance); PIAA PN 1252 clear driving (small lights in lowervalance and backup lights)

* Paint: Pepper Grey Metallic, Dupont Fleet 44490 (body), BlackMetallic, DuPont Fleet 44435 (stripes)

* Shelby GT500 emblems for glovebox, front fenders, and rearpanel

* Total Control aluminum pedal covers

* Nitrous switch

* Borla side-exhaust mufflers and modified Classic DesignConcepts tips

173_0312_11z 1967_Ford_Mustang_GT500 Rear_Passenger_Side173_0312_12z 1967_Ford_Mustang_GT500 Side_Scoop173_0312_7z 1967_Ford_Mustang_GT500 Taillight
Just like the real '67 GT500s, Eleanor used '67 Cougar taillights. Glennfound them used from a Jacksonville Mustang parts vendor for $300.They're not sequential--at least not yet.
173_0312_13z 1967_Ford_Mustang_GT500 Headlight173_0312_9z 1967_Ford_Mustang_GT500 Engine
The 289 in Glenn's Eleanor is mildly modified. Because the car isdisplayed with the hood closed, Glenn admits he hasn't been in a hurryto detail the engine compartment.
173_0312_15z 1967_Ford_Mustang_GT500 Interior_Pedals173_0312_16z 1967_Ford_Mustang_GT500 Interior173_0312_6z 1967_Ford_Mustang_GT500 Side_Mirror
Shelby-style bullet side mirrors and other Shelby items were obtainedfrom Tony D. Branda Performance.
173_0312_8z 1967_Ford_Mustang_GT500 Nitrous_Switch
Glenn fabricated the nitrous switch using a metal plate, a race carswitch from Jegs, a red light from Radio Shack, and dry transferlettering for the "Nitrous."