Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
December 7, 2016

Tony Alm recently switched up the combination on his 1993 Mustang coupe from an X275 combination to that of an Ultra/Ultimate Street combo. An MPR-built 400ci powerplant remained the same, but to that Tony added a Precision 76mm turbo, an ATF Turbo Glide with a ProTorque converter, and a Menscer-suspended Chassis Engineering 9-inch rear.

Like with every combination change, Tony’s had to sneak up on the tune-up, but using a Holley EFI system, he’s been able to make the necessary corrections to get the car to go from A to B in a rapid manner.

His hard work paid off recently at this past weekend’s Snowbird Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park (BMP). Leading up to the race Tony ran a 4.76 at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR), but says the track was on-point, with cool weather. His first pass at BMP with the same 4.76 tune-up yielded an aborted run after severe tire spin. After making a couple changes, Tony ran a 4.82 Friday afternoon, but another test hit again resulted in severe tire spin.

To refresh your memory, Tony runs a MPR 400ci engine with Trick Flow Hi-Port heads, a Wilson Manifolds intake, elbow, and throttle-body. A Chiseled Performance intercooler brings down the air charge temps from the Precision 76mm single turbo. Thunder Autosports’ Steve Lee helps with the Holley EFI tuning on the car, but Tony makes the calls when at events like the Snowbird Nationals. Due to a potential burnt valve at the Snowbirds, the engine is at MPR to be freshened/repaired in time for the US Street Nationals at BMP in January.

In qualifying, the car had a mind of its own. Tony’s first qualifying pass Saturday morning resulted in a 4.84. For second round, more tire spin. For the third round Saturday night, the car went wheelie mode, which meant another wasted run. Thankfully, the 4.84 put him in the top half of the field in the number 3 spot.

Saturday’s qualifying runs gave Tony mixed emotions going into Sunday’s eliminations. He hoped the changes he made would pay dividends, and first round’s clean round win meant maybe the car was going to cooperate. Unfortunately, his second round pass tipped a plug, and burnt a valve. However, he still won the round. Not sure about risking more engine damage, he talked to MPR’s Tim Eichorn, and Tim told him to “run it,” and that’s what Tony did. He actually turned it up, as did his semi-final round opponent Mike Freeman, but Mike blew off the tires, and Tony was able to wheelie himself to a round win with a 4.93, and a go at the finals against Shawn Pevlor. Tony turned it up a little more and the car responded with a 4.79. However, Shawn has his car dialed in, and ran a quicker 4.75, leaving Tony in the runner-up spot. “I had really good lights the first three rounds,” Tony says, “but Shawn really has his car figured out.”

With the burnt valve, the engine is coming out and going to MPR to freshen up/replace anything hurt, and the plan is to have the car ready for the US Street Nationals at BMP in January. Hopefully, Tony can turn that runner-up finish into a victory.