Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
December 12, 2016

Many acknowledge the 1993 Cobra as the pinnacle of the Fox Mustang era. With a different cam, Crane 1.7 rockers, GT40 heads, 24-lb/hr injectors, a 70mm mass air meter, and what would simply be called a Cobra intake, the 1993 Cobra was rated at 235 horsepower. The 1993 Cobra featured four-wheel disc brakes, with specific wheels and tires, and exterior appointments to differentiate it from the Mustang LXs and GTs. Because of these upgrades, the 1993 Cobra is quite possibly the most desired Fox Mustang, and is still held in high regard to this day.

JLT Performance’s Jay Tucker has been looking to add one to his stable for a while now, but as everyone knows, most 1993 Cobras carry a pretty steep price tag. Jay was finally able to find one fitting his budget, and as you can see, his plan was to jump right in and get the car’s body and paint sorted.

Jay barely had the Cobra in his possession before he started blowing the car apart, inspecting every inch, and preparing it for new paint. “The interior is mint,” Jay says. The Cobra has just 36,000-miles on it, so that was the hope, but with the car’s history, one never knows what lies beneath until you start digging in. Thankfully, that’s one part of the car not needing work. Jay’s example is 1 of 1,079 black Cobras with an Opal gray leather interior.

The Cobra is a low-mileage car, but Jay says, “The car has lived a pretty hard life.” Jay believes the car had a blower on it at one time, the driver side door looks to be used, and not original to the car, and he thinks both quarters have been replaced. “It looks like they did a good repair job,” Jay adds, “I’m just going to clean up some of the jams.” The underside of the car is, “super clean,” as Jay puts it. The frame rails are good, as is the floor. “No real rust at all,” he adds.

For 1993, this was as good as it got under the hood of a Mustang. Horsepower ratings were configured differently for 1993, and factory 5.0 LX and GT models were rated at 205 horsepower, down 20 horsepower from 1992 for that reason. The 1993 Cobra was rated at 235 horsepower. The Cobra Jay purchased boasts a conical filter inhaling hot engine air, and an aluminum elbow from the meter to the throttle-body.

“I think for now I’m going to give it a killer paint job,” Jay says, “And maybe do a 5-lug swap and start collecting parts for a Coyote swap next fall.” This is good news for the Coyote-swap crowd because Jay is one of those guys who like to improve upon whatever’s already available. Therefore, expect to see a few new JLT Performance products in the pipeline created from this build.

We can’t wait to see the finished product.

How many of us would about put our car in the ditch seeing this rolling down the highway on the way to Jay’s place?! This is also the best sight a new owner can see after purchasing a car without looking at it.