Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 21, 2016

There are certain people we know that are always building cool Mustangs. They go through them, fix them up, and many times move to another car to start the process all over again. Calvin Atwell III is one of those guys we know that’s always working on something. He’s had a string of Mustangs, and all of them have been top notch builds.

Calvin’s 2001 Mustang Bullitt follows in the footsteps of those builds. We brought you an earlier update on Calvin’s Bullitt, but he recently finished it up, at least for now, with some quality time at Revolution Automotive (RevAuto) in Rosedale, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. Calvin, originally from Maryland, but now living in Airville, Pennsylvania, has relied on RevAuto for many years; so of course, it was natural to once again use Adam Browne and the guys this time around, as well.

To refresh your memory, Calvin’s Bullitt features a stock engine at this point. Spring 2017 plans call for a built long-block, but he wanted to go ahead and have the car ready to drive now, even though the car is going into hibernation for the winter months. So until the new engine is ready, Calvin’s Bullitt will rock the stock engine with a Paxton Novi 2000 supercharger to provide the boost needed to get respectable power out of a Two-Valve.

You would be hard pressed to find a cleaner, more detailed Bullitt engine compartment. Calvin refinished everything under the hood, just like what he did with the car’s exterior. However, as you know by now, it’s not all for show. Making 420-rwhp with a stock Two-Valve is quite the accomplishment, but the Paxton Novi 2000 gets the job done with a RevAuto/SCT tune.

No, we’re not hating on Two-Valve nation, but it is what it is, these days to keep up with the Coyotes of the world, a Two-Valve needs a little help. This author uses a 2001 Bullitt for a daily, so don’t get it twisted, we love Two-Valve Mustangs.

Unfortunately, this author’s Bullitt is way underpowered compared to Calvin’s dyno numbers. His Bullitt put down 420 horsepower and 400-lb/ft of torque on RevAuto’s Dynojet on 13 pounds of boost on pump gas. RevAuto’s Adam Browne used SCT software to bring the Bullitt’s Two-Valve to respectability.

Now, Calvin has just a few details to iron out this week on the Bullitt, and then it’ll go into hibernation for the Pennsylvania winter. We offered for him to send the Bullitt to us in Florida, but he can still hear him laughing. You can’t blame us for offering.

The Bullitt’s interior has been upgraded with TMI Products’ leather seat covers and new foam, a Redline Goods flat-bottom steering wheel, shift boot, and e-brake boot; and a brand new Canadian gauge cluster that reads in kilometers. The Redline Goods leather steering wheel features Alcantara accents and green stitching, while the shift bot and e-brake boot are made from Alcantara, and also have green stitching. Calvin thought the Canadian cluster would be, “cool and different,” and we couldn’t agree more.