Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 23, 2016

Another Maryland shop doing big things in the Coyote market is Revolution Automotive (RevAuto). Shop owner Adam Browne has been on the cutting edge of Coyote tuning since the introduction of the now-legendary engine. He has reached such a level that he now tunes Vaughn Gittin, Jr’s drift cars. Tuning on the drifting mega-star’s cars has taken Adam to places he’s never dreamt of, and RevAuto shows no signs of slowing down.

Case in point, the 2012 Boss 302 of Darren Govoni recently spent some quality time on RevAuto’s Dynojet 224 XLC dyno. The car features a Livernois Motorsports’ 5.2-liter Big Bore, 14:1 compression combination with Diamond custom pistons, Manley billet connecting rods, and a micro-polished Boss crank. The 315-inch engine features Livernois-spec ported Boss heads up top with PAC valve springs and custom cams. A Cobra Jet intake, Ford Performance twin 65mm throttle-body, and a RevAuto cold air make up the intake tract, but Livernois says even more power would be available with a sheet metal intake. Adam tuned the Boss 302 using the stock computer with SCT Performance software, combined with VP Racing Fuels’ X85.

Behind the big bore Coyote is a Tremec T56 Magnum XL transmission with a McLeod clutch, and an aluminum driveshaft. Out back the factory 8.8 is largely stock with a Torsen differential, and 4.10 gears.

Peak numbers came in at 607-rwhp at nearly 8,000 rpm, while a flat torque curve peaked at 443 lb-ft of torque. The car is set up to run in SCCA American Iron, and Darren will be getting his feet wet soon now that the car is fully-operational.

Under the Tiger Racing hood is a 5.2-liter big bore Livernois Motorsports combination running on VP Racing Fuels’ X85.