Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
October 26, 2016

“My first Mustang was a 1996 ‘vert that I bought used with low miles,” says Port Saint Lucie, Florida’s George Denya, Jr. Of course, he did a few mods like 3.73 rear gears, a bigger throttle-body and Flowmaster mufflers. “One day I got spanked hard by a Taurus SHO, and after that I wanted to sell the car,” George adds.

Knowing the direction he needed to go, he found an ad for a 1989 Mustang LX coupe. “It had a mildly built 5.0-liter and a super clean body,” George says. The car did need paint, but he bought it anyway. “I had big plans for the car,” he added. George ordered a ProCharger P-1SC supercharger right away, but he didn’t want his wife to know how much he was spending on the car, so he had his buddy put the purchases on his credit card, and even had the parts sent to his house to keep everything on the down low.

As mentioned, the engine that was in the car had an E-cam, an Edelbrock intake, and BBK Performance long-tube headers. With the ProCharger, the combination made 390-rwhp. Recognizing the need for more fuel, George upgraded the fuel pump, and added an auxiliary fuel pump while he was at it. The extra power was great for a minute, but of course, George wanted more.

Behind the ProCharger-blown 347ci stroker is a Tremec TKO 600 with a McLeod clutch, and blow-proof bellhousing. George’s coupe won Best Engine and the Mustang Modified class at the most recent Ford vs. Mopar show at Palm Beach International Raceway.

George started saving for a built engine, but around that same time his hometown was hit by back-to-back hurricanes; unfortunately, he was out of power for three weeks following each hurricane. During one storm he remembers holding the garage door for three hours for fear of it blowing off. During this time George’s wife found his secret $6,000 stash of cash asking, “Where did you get this money?” Playing it off George answered, “I am a big drug dealer.” Of course, she wasn’t fooled, but she did find the answer amusing. George did come clean and tell her it was money he had saved for a new engine.

She bought the story, and George was able to buy a 10:1 347 stroker with Eagle forged internals, main girdle, X-cam, AFR 185cc heads, Ford Performance roller rockers, and a custom Hogan sheet metal intake. This time George was a little more serious about the car’s fuel system, adding a complete Aeromotive system with an A1000 pump, sumped tank, braided fuel lines, and fuel rails. With a Reichard Racing 3-inch pulley helping to produce 14 pounds of boost, and an Anderson Ford Motorsport PMS handheld tuner, the combination is now good for 648-rwhp.

George doesn’t have any quarter-mile times on the car, but that’s not why he built it. He would like to make a few passes in the car, but he built it for the sheer driving enjoyment. “I do really enjoy the car,” George says. That’s money well hidden, in our book.

We’re sure the sound emanating from the BBK Performance/Flowmaster exhaust system is enough to scare away the casual street slayer, but the peekaboo from the Aeromotive fuel system is also cause for pause for anyone wanting a go at George’s coupe.