Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
October 7, 2016

Everyone tells Donnie Gilder he found a Unicorn when he found his wife Melissa. She was, we’ll just say older than 25, a nurse, had never married, no kids, and most importantly, loved racing - hence, the Unicorn nickname. Well, the name stuck to the point where this 2015 Mustang GT, the car Donnie bought for Melissa, is nicknamed the Unicorn.

The Unicorn started out with Melissa running the car 13.2s stock. “With 400 miles on the car, Steeda’s Scott Boda met me on a Sunday for exhaust, and that’s when it started,” Donnie says. Melissa became pregnant, and he sold his 2003 Cobra, “then all this happened,” Donnie says.

“This,” in Donnie’s world is an Atlanta Chassis Dyno-built short block with Diamond pistons, billet oil pump gears, and ARP head studs. The stock heads were treated to Comp Cams valve springs and titanium locks and retainers before being reinstalled. To supplement the stock fuel system, a JMS FuelMAX fuel pump voltage booster and ID1000 fuel injectors were added. All this was necessary when we tell you the car also boasts a Hellion Power Systems’ Eliminator Twin Turbo system featuring Precision 55/62 turbochargers.

Atlanta Chassis Dyno’s Brad Brand performed all the work on the car, including the engine, which features a bolstered bottom end, an upgraded valvetrain and fuel system, and a Hellion Eliminator Twin Turbo system.

Behind the fortified Coyote is a Ron Vinduskin-built 6R80 automatic with Exedy clutches and a Circle D converter, a Driveshaft Shop aluminum driveshaft, Ford Performance half-shafts, and Steeda Autosports differential bushings and billet support inserts.

Besides the Circle D converter, a Turbosmart e-Boost2 boost controller works with a JMS LaunchMAX trans brake and MSD Two-Step to help the car reach the 60-foot mark in as quick as 1.38 seconds. The Unicorn has been as quick as 9.58 at 144 mph, driven to and from the track. Even on pump gas, and 20-inch wheels, the car has run a best of 10.32 at 136 mph, and that was at 8 ½” pounds of boost. “Drives like a stock 5.0,” Donnie says.

We’re sure that’s the case, until boost from the Hellion kit starts to do work; then it takes on a different personality.

A Turbosmart e-Boost2 controller is not just a boost controller. Turbosmart says you can also use the e-Boost2 to control water and methanol injection, and nitrous oxide, as well. The e-Boost2 will also manage shift/warning lights and read/monitor rpm.