Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
September 15, 2016

For a few years, Tony Alm was known as “The Bull,” with his previous compound boost GT500. That car was ahead of its time, making well into four-digit horsepower, and multiple single digit quarter-mile passes. That car was only the beginning, because Tony had his sights set on professional, heads-up drag racing competition.

The 1993 Mustang coupe you see here is the mount he chose to take on the best within the NMRA and NMCA in classes like Super Street Outlaw and Xtreme Street. For a while it was just a simple white, but a recent scrape led to the car’s color change to the new Focus RS Stealth grey. Lincoln Auto Body in West Palm Beach, Florida recently finished the car, but that’s not the only aspect of the car that has recently changed.

Never one to rest on past achievements, Tony is always on the search for the best spot for his car, now known as Mr. Grey. He is changing things up a bit to run Ultra Street, which is a little more restrictive class compared to X275. Also, living in Florida, he has many choices on where to race along the southeast.

The engine in Tony’s Ultra Street ride is a 400ci MPR-built combination with a Precision 76mm single turbo.

Under the hood is a MPR-built 400ci Windsor with Trick Flow Hi-Ports, a Dailey Engineering dry sump, and a Wilson Manifolds intake, elbow, and throttle-body. The power adder he chose for the combination is a Precision 76mm single turbo, combined with a Chiseled Performance intercooler and a Holley EFI system, tuned by Thunder Autosports’ Steve Lee.

Behind the small block is an ATF Turbo Glide with a ProTorque converter, while further back is a Chassis Engineering fabricated 9-inch rear, suspended by Menscer shocks. Out back is a pair of Weld Racing V-series wrapped with Mickey Thompson’s ET Street Radial’s. The ET Street Radial Pro isn’t legal for Ultra, so he runs the Gen 1 ET Street Radial.

The plan is to have the car ready in time for No Mercy 7 at SGMP October 6-9. If you can make it, be sure to look for Mr. Grey.

Though Ultra Street is an eighth-mile class, it doesn’t hurt to have a pair of parachutes on the car, just in case. Safety is still of the utmost importance.