Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
September 9, 2016

Ben Wakeling has owned his 2003 Cobra for roughly three years now. It was completely stock with the factory Eaton supercharger, T56 six-speed, and IRS. The stock components didn’t last long under Wakeling’s ownership, though.

Wakeling eventually added a Precision 7675 single turbo with a C&G Fabrication hot side, and custom cold side piping by his friend Riley Reed. To replace the T56, in went a Swain Brothers-built 4R70W with a Freddy Brown valve body, and cryo-treated drums and shaft. “The converter is an Edge Racing triple disc,” Wakeling says. The stock ECU remained and Wakeling uses D and G Dynotune in Hennessey, Oklahoma for custom tuning, although Wakeling does his fair share of tuning on the car, as well. The solid-axle swap consists of an Andy’s Hot Rods fabricated and built 8.8.

Yes, it has the Precision 7675 single turbo on it, but the engine itself is stock, down to the cams, heads, head bolts, and oil pump gears.

“Almost a year ago to the day I made my first pass with the current setup and went low-10s,” Wakeling says. His goal was to run in the 9s, however, so 10s weren’t good enough. That goal was quickly met after he worked out a few bugs, running a 9.7 at 148 mph in cool, November air.

Knowing what he wanted from the Cobra performance-wise, Wakeling added safety to the car by having Pinnacle Performance in Owasso, Oklahoma add a 10-point roll cage. He also upgraded the suspension, added an AMS boost controller, and revised the turbo’s cold side piping.

Wakeling was able to put all the hard work on display at the recent ModNationals at Memphis International Raceway. “Off the trailer the car ran a new personal best with a 9.01 at 147 mph,” Wakeling says. “With great track prep I knew it would go faster,” he added. He revised the tune in the car, but blew the tires off the next pass. He backed it down and ran a 9.07 at 148 mph. Letting both the car and weather cool down, he blasted off an 8.98 at 148 mph with a 1.27 short time. “I was ecstatic,” Wakeling told us. In the King of the 4V class, although he had a fantastic weekend, he ran up against Jake Conant’s Cobra in the semis. Wakeling did his best with a 9.07 at 150 mph, but couldn’t quite match Jake’s 8.20.

“My right hand man Riley Reed has helped me every step of the way,” Wakeling says. “I would likely still be stuck in the 9s and just spinning my wheels without him.”