Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
September 27, 2016

Billy Driscoll is known to own one of the nicest drag Mustangs on the planet. Unfortunately, November 15th, 2015 was a dark day for the “Ticket Taker” as he wadded up the car at Orlando Speed World (OSW) during a grudge race against Don Lamana at the World Street Nationals. “It was pretty much the worst day of my life,” Billy says. The reminder is there as blue paint still appears on the concrete barrier at OSW. Just after launch the car went hard right, and into the concrete barrier, damaging the front bumper cover, right fender, right rear quarter panel, and rear bumper cover.

Since then the car has been at a top secret chassis repair facility getting fixed up, but the engine and power adder combo is getting a revamp, as well.

The engine was just finished at Bennett Racing with the engine experts there building a 9.5-deck combo using a Callies Magnum crankshaft, GRP 120-series aluminum rods, Diamond 10.5:1 pistons, Total Seal rings, and an ATI double-keyed balancer. “We outfitted the block with ARP main studs for extra clamping force on the main caps,” Jon Bennett says. The cam is a custom Bennett piece designed around a 55mm core. “The large 55mm journal camshaft allows more freedom with a camshaft design for max-effort applications, and has a larger base circle to reduce cam deflection,” Jon says. A larger base circle cam also allows for a shorter 3/8-inch pushrod. “Custom camshafts have been a large part of our business for the past 20 years,” Jon adds.

To keep time, Bennett used a Jesel belt-drive while a Peterson R4 external wet sump oil pump is used to ensure the engine receives the proper pressure and flow needed for maximum bearing life and proper valvetrain lubrication, including the engine’s Jesel solid body 905 lifters Bennett likes to use. A Canton oil pan buttons up the bottom-end, while Bennett used a AN-16 pickup for the external oil pump.

Billy’s new Bennett Racing combination utilizes boost from a Vortech YSi-B supercharger with a Chris Alston gear drive, and an ATI double-keyed balancer.

Before adding the Trick Flow High-Port heads to the short-block, Bennett laid down Flat Out copper head gaskets with a .051-inch thickness, along with fitting the block with ARP head studs. “We sealed the cylinders using our unique Fire Ring System,” Jon says. The heads were treated to a full CNC-porting before being installed; and flowed over 380 cfm on the intake and 260 cfm on the exhaust. Bennett installed 5/16-inch intake guides to allow for a lighter valve, as well as, copper valve seats. “We also outfitted the heads with Victory 2.125-inch titanium intake valves and Inconel 1.600-inch exhaust valves with PSI 1254 double springs, which handle a little above .900-inch lift,” Jon says. Manley titanium retainers and locks round out the cylinder heads. Jesel was also called upon for a set of its 1.7 ratio rocker arms. “We opted for a solid-body design and added needle bearing tips as an option,” Jon says.

To finish off the top end, Bennett fully-ported an Edelbrock 2828 intake, and converted it for EFI with a Wilson Manifolds elbow, an Accufab 105mm throttle-body, and Billet Atomizers 325 fuel injectors. For a power adder, Billy has chosen to go with Vortech’s YSi-B supercharger with a Chris Alston gear drive. The YSi-B is basically Vortech’s YSi-Trim supercharger with a billet impeller. “We went with the Vortech because they are trying to be competitive in the Ultra Street class,” Billy says. With KBX’s John Kolivas and Justin McChesney tuning on the Big Stuff 3 engine management, Billy and the guys will be working with Vortech, doing R&D to make sure the blower is competitive in the ever-growing Ultra Street class.

When asked how much power the new combo made, Billy responded with, “Enough.”