Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
August 31, 2016

Jeffrey Chandler first laid eyes on a Sonic blue 2003 Cobra in 2010. “I told myself I had to have one,” Jeffrey says. After a couple years of saving his pennies and dimes, he was able to buy this Cobra from the original owner, who worked at Ford Motor Company. “The process to get it to this point has not been overnight,” Jeffrey adds.

When Jeffrey purchased the Cobra, it was bone stock, but over time he added the typical bolt-ons, and then a 2.9L supercharger, along with a custom Alternative Auto tune by Lidio Iacobelli. “As time went on,” Jeffrey says, “I wanted to be different.” To that end, he removed the supercharger, and set out to find the right turbo kit for the Cobra.

The right kit turned out to be from CG Fabrication with a Precision 7675 billet wheel single turbo and 46mm wastegates, a Tial 50mm blow-off valve, and a Boost Leash boost controller. To make sure the combination wouldn’t run out of E85, Jeffrey added a Fore Innovations fuel system working with Bosch 105 lb/hr injectors. A stock Cobra 1999-2001 Cobra manifold with an MMR spacer and an Accufab throttle-body took place of the supercharger.

With an intact long block, a CG Fabrication single turbo kit, a Fore Innovations fuel system, and a 4R70W transmission, Jeffrey Chandler’s 2003 Cobra runs in the 9s with his own custom tune.

In place of the stock T56 transmission, Jeffrey added a 4R70W automatic with a Freddy Brown manual valve body and transbrake. Out back, the factory IRS was sent packin’ to make room for a solid-axle swap with Team Z suspension components and Strange Engineering shocks.

With the car done this time around, he decided to take the bull by the horns, and learn to tune the car himself. His friend Colin Welsh lent Jeffrey a hand to get him pointed in the right direction, and “I can’t complain on how it’s running,” Jeffrey says. His goal was to run in the 9s, and even with a loose converter, and shutting it off early, he was still able to run a 9.78 at 131 mph. In this configuration, and still with the factory long-block, the turbocharged combo is good for 734 horsepower and 688 lb-ft of torque at the wheels.

We’re sure with the right converter, Jeffrey’s Cobra’s only going to get quicker, and we can’t wait to hear the results.

We’re not going out on a limb when we say Sonic blue could be one of the most-liked of the Cobra colors. Of course, most of us just want a Terminator Cobra; the color doesn’t matter.