3 2001 Ford Mustang Cobra Side View
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
April 22, 2016
Photos By: Tommy Holovacko

Hector Pagan had just returned from his first tour in Iraq in 2004 when he started looking for his next car. He just happened to see this 2001 Cobra advertised, and he bit the bullet on this red beauty when he saw that it had just 900 miles on the clock. Now this Cobra has been in the family for 12 years and over four more moves. As it sits now, it has less than 18,000 miles since it gets towed between assignments. Everything is still all original except for the tires and the battery. Everywhere Pagan goes he says it’s a real head-turner, and it looks just as nice as the day he purchased it. Both his oldest and youngest granddaughters love riding in grandpa’s Cobra. They’ve named it Red Ruby.