1 2000 Ford Mustang Saleen
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
February 1, 2016
Photos By: Dennis Barnhill

Dennis Barnhill • Jackson, TN • 2000 Saleen 281 SC

Tennessee resident Dennis Barnhill recently picked up his third Saleen, a 2000 Tropic Green 281 SC. Picked up from a fellow Saleen enthusiast, the car is rare, just 1 of 3 of its kind. With only 25,000 original miles on the clock, Barnhill plans to keep the car mostly original, especially with the interior and exterior in perfect condition. It features the optional 13-inch AP brakes and 10-inch wide rear chrome wheels. Shifting power is provided by a Tremec 3550. Simple mods include 3.73 gears, a MoSaleen idler pulley to keep the supercharger belt from slipping, and an off-road H-pipe connected to Saleen/Borla mufflers. The car has been a Fun Ford Weekend winner in Memphis and a Saleen National runner-up in Birmingham, Alabama.