Courtney Barber
January 18, 2016

It's Mustang Girl Monday once again, brought to you by, and this week we would like to introduce Kady Holloway and her 2015 Ecoboost Mustang. Kady has always been a car enthusiast, growing up in a small town in Wisconsin where she was driving before she even had her license. Kady's passion for cars came from her mother and father, who both had Corvettes and taught her the thrill of going fast. In high school, Kady and her twin sister would go out Friday and Saturday nights to various car meets that would usually result in some type of racing, so she had it in her blood.

Kady always loved the first generation Mustang and if it was practical for her to own one, she would. When they redesigned the Mustang, she admittedly didn't like them that much. That is, until she saw a concept design—Kady saw the first few designs of the 2015 Mustang and instantly fell in love. She knew she had to have this car.

Lucky for Kady, Mustangs were already a big part of her life. Her husband Dasan Holloway works at Revolution Automotive, an automotive performance shop that specializes in Mustangs. Hearing, seeing, and talking about Mustangs is just a basic part of life in the Holloways’ home. They went to the dealership and priced the 2015 Mustangs. It was a hard decision between the Ecoboost-powered version and the GT but in the end they decided to go with the Ecoboost due to the fact Kady wanted to drive it back and forth to work—the fuel mileage was one deciding factor and Kady has always been a fan of that distinctive turbo sound.

Since getting the car, it's spent a few nights at Revolution Automotive. The car now has a JLT intake, full race intercooler, WMS downpipe, tune, and a few appearance upgrades. Kady is excited for 2016 to see some of the changes Revolution Automotive can do to this car.

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