Dsg 2004 Saleen S281sc
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
July 27, 2015
Photos By: Jeremy Dugan

Jeremy and Crystal Dugan • Mayslick, KY • 2004 Saleen S281SC

Jeremy and his wife, Crystal, are the proud owners of this rare 2004 Saleen S281SC (No. 146). Saleen built 521 total S281 cars in 2004. Of those, only 101 were given superchargers. This is just one of two 2004 Saleen S281s slathered in Dark Shadow Gray. As people do with most rare cars, the couple kept this car completely stock, with just a mere 7,500 miles accumulated on the clock. The Dugans plan to add some miles to the car by hitting up car shows during the summer.