Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
February 17, 2015
Photos By: Henry De Los Santos

They don’t call him Bird Doc for nothing. An orthopedic surgeon by day, Mark Duber spends his downtime jumping out of airplanes and zipping through the sky in his wingsuit.

He has accumulated 1,000 jumps under his belt. And as if that weren’t thrill enough, he races his gorgeous eight-second Grabber Blue ’13 Shelby GT500 at NMRA events all over.

Let’s just say that Duber, a native of Kentucky, is the current six-speed Shelby record holder and most likely owns the fastest stick-shift GT500 in the world. Carroll Shelby would be proud.

A familiar face on the dragstrip, Duber has made an impression with his personal best of 8.80 seconds at 164 mph, a run that was recorded at the NMRA event held at Maryland International Raceway. If you weren’t already impressed, let’s just say Duber plans to be even faster by the start of the 2015 racing season.

Now that the racing season has come to an end for 2014, Duber’s Shelby is currently being disassembled for the winter build process. It’s about to come out bigger and better for next year with the hopes of conquering Bradenton’s quarter-mile dragstrip in the high seven-second range come March for NMRA’s Spring Break Shootout. That’s not all.

“My overall goal is to reach in the mid seven-second range come next October in Bowling Green,” Duber tells us.

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As it sits right now, under the hood is an aluminum 5.8L 351w built by Bischoff Engine Service (BES) out of Guilford, Indiana. Sponsored by Kenne Bell, the car is topped with a 4.7L Kenne Bell twin-screw supercharger and will soon feature the new Bigun intake and twin 106mm throttle body. This modular motor is adorned with a race-prepped Cobra Jet crankshaft, Ross pistons, Manley rods, and CNC ported cylinder heads, with all machine work performed by BES.

Duber says, “We are freshening up the engine and putting in a Turbo 400 automatic transmission. It was fun, but now we are looking for consistency. It’s time to get serious and compete at the highest level of our class.”

This big, bad Shelby also features a Lund Racing tune by Jon Lund performed at London Chassis in Kentucky, a SPEC clutch with a SPEC aluminum billet flywheel. For added airflow, Duber installed American Racing headers and H-pipe. He also has support from Van Collier of Revan Racing, a Dynotech driveshaft, JLT CAI, 4.10 gears, and ID 1000 injectors.

“We teamed up with Holley and we are switching out the stock computer for the Dominator EFI ECU. We are also installing the new Holley plug-and-play harnesses for the Dominator EFI,” Duber explains.

To save weight, the rear seat has been deleted. The interior includes a Bivins 10-point rollcage, an Ultra-Carbon race seat, and a Simpson 5-point harness.

Not only does the car perform like a raging beast, but it has the stunning good looks to back it up. It isn’t one or the other for Duber. His Shelby features the best of both worlds: show and go.

“We want keep the theme of my car, which is to have a car that runs on the level of a race car, but also is a pro street car with show car–quality looks.”

Visually, Duber’s Shelby GT500 is an absolute head turner with its Grabber Blue and black paint scheme. The exterior features a Trucarbon cowl hood with custom painted badges and engine components. Weld AlumaStar 2.0 front and rear drag wheels wrapped with Mickey Thompson 28x10.5x15 stiff wall slicks on the rear are ready to throw down. All of the custom paint touches have been custom painted by Jack Hart Body Shop in Radcliffe, Kentucky.

Duber says he is still trying to save some weight by putting the car on a strict diet. With the start of a new racing season upon us, you can guarantee that his Shelby will be out on the track kicking butt and taking names.

Big thanks goes out to London Chassis Dyno, Kenne Bell, Lund Racing, Revan Racing, Trucarbon, TruFiber, Viking Performance, SPEC Clutches, Jack Hart Body Shop, Bischoff Engine Service, and Bivins Racecars.

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