Jerry Heasley
March 4, 2015

A 1967 Mustang with original paint and 10,580 miles, in mint condition, is a rare animal. But as scarce as original paint is on Mustangs of the ’60s, the rarity factor goes through the roof when every other thing on the car is as delivered from the factory. As Bob Perkins says, “You can count on one hand how many early Mustangs have the original tires, the original belts, and hoses.”

Perkins should know. He’s the head national judge of authenticity for the Mustang Club of America (MCA), as well as being one of the top early Mustang restorers in the world and coincidentally the current owner of this car. “This ’67 is one of the most phenomenal unrestored Mustangs on the planet,” he says. “It’s just so untouched, and the condition of the car from outstanding storage and caretaking over the last 45 years is incredible.”

Fuller Ford in Cincinnati sold this 1967 convertible brand new to a lady who kept the car in pristine, like-new condition until the late ’70s. That’s when Farrell and Brenda Buis bought the car. “Having the original window sticker and all that paperwork just tells you how particular that woman was when she bought that car.” The car wasn’t a Hi-Po or a GT, but it was loaded out with 19 options and accessories, including the A-code, 225hp 289 four-barrel. The Buises were delighted to buy the ’67, but instead of driving it, they stored the Mustang they prized so much in a climate-controlled garage and protected it in an enclosed trailer while en route to the big shows on the MCA circuit. The mileage remained almost static from the time they bought the car until they sold their cherished convertible to Bob Perkins a couple of years ago.

Perkins believes this ’67 has “probably won more MCA unrestored awards than any other car that’s ever been shown.” The greatest accolade is MCA’s Pinnacle Award, the top rung in the unrestored class. Original parts—no N.O.S. correct or date-coded this or that—put this car over the hump to the pinnacle in this unrestored class. Few cars fit into this domain, let alone win the award.

And then along came Jose Luis, a new collector to the hobby in hot pursuit of unrestored originals. In the Jan. ’15 issue we featured an unrestored ’65 convertible that Jose purchased from Perkins. That car, likewise, came from Farrell and Brenda Buis. Perkins had advertised the ’65 for sale, but he did not want to part with the ’67 convertible. Perkins knew that for some reason a really good unrestored ’67 is hard to find. In his experience, Perkins said there were “way more ’65 and ’66 models unrestored than there are ’67s and ’68s.” Of course, to find any first-generation Mustang with original tires, original hoses, and literally all-original parts worthy of a Pinnacle award in MCA competition is rare, regardless of the model year.

Perkins began showing Mustangs around 1980, when Farrell and Brenda Buis were already on the circuit with this ’67. Perkins marveled at this car’s originality even back then. The original owner took care of her prized convertible and the Buises took even better care, never even driving the vehicle for transportation. Of all the cars ever shown in the MCA, this ’67 was Perkins’ favorite because it was, in his words, “the least tampered with unrestored car that was ever shown in the MCA.”

He would have kept the car but Jose Luis was persistent. “He pestered me on that thing for about a year,” Perkins said. Then, one day Perkins ran into a ’69 Fairlane Cobra with less than 1,000 miles. “I wanted the Cobra, so I sold him the convertible.” The ’67 was then reunited with the ’65 we talked about earlier, in Jose’s collection, giving Perkins peace of mind knowing that the cars would be pampered in a climate-controlled building and maintained in their historic original condition.

Perkins reiterates that this ’67 is “just new.” Other cars might have looked new, but they had been taken apart, cleaned, or otherwise messed with. But this Pebble Beige beauty has never been apart so he deems this ’67, “100 percent mint as delivered from the factory.”

Options and Accessories

  • 289-4V V-8
  • White power top
  • Convertible top glass backlite
  • Cruise-O-Matic
  • Limited-slip differential
  • Courtesy Light Group
  • Convenience control panel
  • 6.95x14 white sidewall tires
  • Rocker Panel Moldings
  • Console
  • Tilt-Away steering wheel
  • Power disc brakes
  • Power steering
  • SelectAire air conditioning
  • AM/FM radio
  • Interior/exterior décor group
  • Deluxe seatbelts
  • Wheel covers

The car has the original paint, Pebble Beige, that Perkins describes as “100 percent mint as delivered from the factory.”
This ’67’s originality is so evident, Perkins said he could see the workmanship from the factory, which was “better than most.”