Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
November 11, 2014
Photos By: Cesar Andre

Like many of us, Larry Larsson has had a thing for Mustangs since he first learned how to drive.

The 58-year-old resident of El Cajon, California, started out with a bronze '66 Ford Mustang fastback powered by a 289ci V-8 automatic, which took quite the beating. "I treated it real bad, took it for granted, ruined it," Larry says. "If I ever got the chance, I would write an ode to that car."

Back in 2009, Larry picked up a brand-new black '08 Mustang GT. He named it Magnuss after his late grandfather. Not only was it named after one of his favorite people, but he also decided to make it a tribute to its long-gone predecessor, that old and trusty '66 fastback.

Right after picking up his new Mustang, Larry got straight to work with planning modifications. Over the course of three years, he has invested thousands to get the car exactly the way he wants it.

Prop the hood to Larry's newest Mustang to expose a clean, chrome 4.6L Three-Valve V-8 engine that connects to a BBK cold-air intake, a Ford Racing Twin 62mm throttle body, and JBA shorty headers that mate to a rumbly Flowmaster exhaust setup. With all of Larry's mods installed, this pony was bumped up to 375 horses.

The attention-grabbing exterior was given custom Cervinis touches in the form of a body kit, side pipes, and C-series front fascia. Adding to that menacing front end is a TruFiber Fiberglass A45 heat extractor hood, TruFiber NX-1 vented front fenders, and a three-piece Roush front chin spoiler. Eibach Sportline lowering springs tie together the entire package by providing that mean stance.

After the exterior body modifications were perfected on Magnuss, that ordinary factory black paint was sanded away and replaced with PPG Ferarri Yellow with multiple coats of Orange Pearl clearcoat. The paint was perfected by Carlos Gomez. Just in case it didn't stand out before, it certainly does now covered head to tail in a new bright hue.

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Open the door to a fancy interior, complete with genuine alligator leather seats, black with yellow leather inserts. The center console has been painted to match the bright pearly yellow that graces the exterior, and the stock automatic shifter was replaced by a TCI Street Fighter Ratchet unit.

Larry is very proud of one particular modification on the yellow beast: the custom sound system sitting where the rear seats would normally be. Between two Rockford Fosgate subwoofers reads "Magnuss" on a custom-made box. "It was so tastefully done, not gaudy," Larry tells us. "The car runs smoothly and has great music quality." To him, there's nothing better than cruising Magnuss with the windows down and those sound waves running over his shoulder. No Stang is complete without hot rolling stock, so he added big Baer 6-piston brakes with 15-inch rotors that hide behind 20-inch KMC 187 GTX wheels (8.5-inch offset front, 10-inch offset rear) all wrapped with Hankook rubber.

Now very meticulous with Magnuss the Mustang, Larry exhibits his hard work at car shows. A "proud moment" came when he won an award from a big car show in his hometown known for the classics. "They don't let me participate in the classic car cruise since my car is quite young. I took home Best in Show at a show full of classics, and I was even parked behind some buildings."

Larry wants to thank the guys at KAR Motorsports out of San Diego, California, for bringing his vision to life. Now he can't wait for his own grandson to come visit from Spokane and take it for a spin.

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