Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
June 30, 2014
Photos By: John Machaqueiro

So much of what we learn and gravitate towards in life comes from those around us.

Our grandparents, parents, older siblings, and even older friends; the influence they have over us isn't something we think about at the time. We're too busy in the moment, wanting to be like them. It's later in life when we realize who's responsible for that Mustang in the garage.

For Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania's Chris Emlet, the road to these pages is two generations deep. "My father's father got him interested in the hobby at about age 5, restoring a 1926 Prospect Deluge Master fire truck," Chris says. Go ahead, search for 1926 Prospect Deluge Master. We'll wait. Trust us when we say we would hate to be on fire back in 1926, but that wasn't the only vehicle paving the way for the elder Emlet (Jeff). There were several others to help cement the automotive way of life.

So much so that when it came time to get his own wheels, one of Jeff's first cars was a '65 Mustang GT. Obviously, as you now know, Jeff passed on his love of cars to son Chris, and yes, even though we are a late-model Mustang magazine, Chris' first car was a far cry from dad's '65 GT in the form of a '97 V-6 Mustang.

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That didn't keep Chris from enjoying the Stang as the two Emlets tinkered with the car, but after a couple years with the V-6, it was time to step it up a bit. Chris had the V-6 until he turned 19, when he purchased the '06 Mustang GT you see here.

Of course, the newfound power of the GT had an impact on Chris, but when the guys saw a Cervini's Auto Designs C-550E ground effects package at a Carlisle Ford Nationals event, they knew that was going to be the first major modification. Chris and his dad handled everything but the paint with the Cervini's kit.

To add pop to go with the Cervini's C-500E components, the car received Charcoal stripes over the top, as well. Stock wheels weren't going to do the car justice so the guys added Shelby Razor wheels wrapped in Nitto 555 treads at the same time. As is always the case, the exterior mods took some time to complete, but once they were, it was time to dig into the engine.

The perfect place to start with a Three-Valve buildup is by adding cams and going from there. Chris and Jeff went with Brenspeed Detroit Rocker cams, and they also added a Hurst shifter, a SCT X-Cal handheld tuner, a C&L Performance cold-air intake, 3.73 gears, SLP long-tube headers, and Pypes Performance mufflers. Since the guys had used Brenspeed for the cams, they decided to utilize that company's tuning prowess, as well.

However, like with all of us, Chris enjoyed the power of his GT, but he needed more. In the winter of 2012 Chris and Jeff installed a Saleen supercharger purchased once again from Brenspeed with a 3.4-inch pulley, Ford Racing 39-lb/hr injectors, and dual Shelby GT500 fuel pumps. Chris and Jeff installed the supercharger themselves, and also added a Canton intercooler tank, and a Steeda Autosports battery relocation kit. Once everything was installed, a phone call to Brenspeed landed a new tune on to make everything play nice under the hood.

To confirm everything was as it should be Chris took the GT over to McNews Automotive in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, for an appointment with the rollers. Once the Dynojet drums quit spinning, confirmed power came to 466 rwhp and 416 ft-lb of torque. Chris' cold-air intake of choice is from JLT Performance.

The interior of Chris' GT didn't escape the modifications. Chris went with a Katskin leather upholstery kit, and dad Jeff removed the stock upholstery in place of the new skins. Katskin was able to embroider the seats with the C-500E callout in the front seats for a more custom touch on the inside.

Since the car's been "done," Chris' primary uses it as a driver and to "attend lots and lots of car shows," as he puts it. Chris' plan has always been to enhance an aspect of the car each winter, but with a new house, those plans might slow a little. However, he would like to add more power to the car, lower it (side exhaust will need to be altered for that to happen), and call it done.

Another highlight came when Chris applied for a spot in Snap-on's 2014 calendar and made it onto the month of December. If you're able to get a Snap-on calendar, they saved the best for last for Mustang fans.

Chris says going to shows has become a family affair. Since dad Jeff's '65 has been long gone, he gets his own V-8 fix courtesy of an '07 Roush 427R, which is probably much quicker than the '65 ever was. Even mom Cary now enjoys attending Mustang shows with the boys. Plus Chris' girlfriend, Brittany, and her daughter, Mackynzie, love to go for rides and to car shows, as well. This appears to be one road without a dead end.