Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
May 28, 2014

Jersey Joe

Hawthorne, New Jersey's Joe Russo says he's been reading 5.0&SF for years, and he's always wanted to be on these pages. Using his '10 Shelby GT500, he's finally made that happen. His Shelby boasts Eibach and Steeda Autosports suspension pieces, Vossen CV3s at each corner, a Magnaflow exhuast, everything JLT Performance offers, and a bunch of carbon-fiber trim pieces. Joe says with all these upgrades—though the carbon fiber doesn't make power—his Shelby puts down north of 600 hp to the tires.

Study Hard

At the time of this writing, her car boasts just 67,000 miles and is 90-percent original.

A junior at California University in Pennsylvania, Jasmine Packrone is the owner of this '92 Calypso LX hatch. She is majoring in liberal studies with a minor in women's studies. Any girl driving a Fox Mustang will earn the attention of dudes (also trying to major in women's studies), and we're sure Jasmine garners her share of respect and admiration when they see her step out of the LX. At the time of this writing, her car boasts just 67,000 miles and is 90-percent original. Tasteful mods include a cold air intake, MAC after-cat exhaust, 3.73 gears, a five-lug swap, black '03 Cobra wheels, subframe connectors, and Eibach springs.

Wedding Present

Jeff Lewis was busy saving money to get married when he ran across a deal on this '90 GT. Like many Mustang guys, the Fort Wayne, Indiana-resident had no intention of buying the car when he looked at it (wink, wink), but he figured the future wife wouldn't mind if he bought himself a little wedding present. “She wasn't as excited as me, though,” Jeff says. The car wasn't perfect. It was missing side skirts and running a little hot, but he couldn't say no to the rust-free, 65,000-mile GT for $2,000. It's in way better shape these days, thanks to Jeff. He has added a Holley SysteMax kit, underdrive pulleys, JBA headers, 3.73 gears, a Performance Automatic Super Streeter transmission with a 2,500-rpm stall converter, and much more. The GT was originally black, but as you can see, it's now Lexus silver. “I've had the car for about four years now, and it is definitely better than any gift we took home from the reception,” Jeff says. Well, duh!!!