June 27, 2014

Any Color…

There's something mesmerizing about a black vehicle when it is fully polished and gleaming in the sun, and Jeff Skowronski of Westport, Connecticut knows exactly what we're talking about. His '13 Mustang may be fun to drive, but he tells us that wherever he parks it he gets a ton of compliments. The V-6 Premium model even sports matching factory black wheels, fog lights, and rear quarter window louvers (in black, natch).

40-Year Dream

This Raven Black '65 convertible was a dream car for Ron van der Meer of The Netherlands when he was but 12 years old. 40 years later, by way of California through Belgium to The Netherlands, he now has made his dream come true. Featuring a 289 V-8, power steering and brakes, and a white Deluxe interior, Ron was quite happy with the engine's power and muscular American sound. However, the stock steering was much to be desired. A conversion to electric assist with a manual rack now means the car handles like a dream whenever Ron takes it for a spin, which is during nice weather only.

College-Fund Find

Garret Smith has been reading Mustang Monthly since 2001 when he purchased the '65 hardtop seen here. Three years later his restoration was complete and he spotted the black fastback in his work parking lot. The owner wasn't ready to sell, but 10 years later the owner had a change of heart when he needed money to put his kids through college and now the fastback has Garret looking for more garage space. “Hopefully our children's college expenses in several years will not involve selling either of the Mustangs!” Garret tells us.

Shelby His Way

Like many Mustang fans, Luis Rivera of Philadelphia wanted a Shelby Mustang, but the Shelby was out of his budget. He opted to purchase a '08 GT coupe and convert it to his own Shelby with the help of companies like American Muscle (Shelby front fascia) and Philmont Auto Body (prep and paint), and others. “Many of the parts I saw in your magazine and it is coming out pretty good thanks to your magazine articles. I copy a lot of stuff from them.” Luis states. Today his “Shelby Cobra GT” makes quite the statement when he cruises Philly.

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