Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
May 28, 2014
Photos By: John Themmes

Meet Michael Schibline of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. His pride and joy, a head-turning '07 Shelby GT, is more than just a car—it's a reflection of everything he has worked for his entire life.

Michael is no stranger to Mustangs, and if it wasn't obvious already, he is meticulous when it comes to his pristine '07 Shelby.

Growing up in a broken home, Michael wanted to strive for something better. Michael's parents weren't exactly role models, even when they were around, however there was one person who believed in him—his grandma.

Determined to be a success, Michael works double duty as a loving husband and devoted father to his son, Cain, age 4. "I want to give my son everything I never had," Michael says.

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During his short mile-long commute from lunch to work one day, Michael totaled his beloved '01 Ford Explorer Sport. He was forced to buy a new truck, but he also still wanted another Mustang after his previous '90 Mustang LX turned to rust.

When the S197 Mustang platform came out, Michael fell in love and added a black one to the top of his wish list. The Shelby came as a birthday present from Michael's wife, Jessica, who snuck up behind him one night and whispered two little words: "It's time." Knowing exactly what she meant, he hopped online and started seeking his next Mustang. He ordered this black '07 Shelby GT and signed the paperwork three days later on his 26th birthday.

"To me, modifying a Shelby is risky. I didn't want to take it past the point of recognizing of what it was originally. I think I accomplished that," Michael tells us.

Michael's Shelby GT came equipped with a Ford Racing suspension, giving the car incredible handling, as well as providing an aggressive stance. A black powdercoated Paxton Novi 1200 SL supercharger was installed to help the Shelby generate 421 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque. Accompanying that blown V-8 rumble is a Pypes exhaust with an X-style mid-pipe.

"It was important for me to be involved with the mods as much as possible. I didn't just drop it off somewhere and pick it up finished. To me, part of making a car your own is shedding your own blood, sweat, and tears. Being a part of the journey is part of the reward."

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To further enhance the exterior of his beloved Mustang, Michael threw on a set of staggered 20-inch Shelby CS40 wheels. Other mods include Silver Horse Racing quarter-window replacement louvers, retro-fitted '10-style side skirts and side splitters, and a GT500 front splitter. A Cervini's 2.5-inch cowl hood was installed to help complete the overall menacing appearance.

"I love the attention it demands," Michael tells us, "and the sound of the Paxton is cool too."

Black leather graces the interior, includ-ing his leather-wrapped steering wheel. The interior of the Shelby features a plethora of custom components, including a Bullitt dashboard along with hydro-dipped billet accessories installed throughout.

Living up North, the weather can get downright nasty, so Michael's Pony is stashed for almost half of the year in his father-in-law's garage. In three years, the Shelby has put just 11,000 miles total on the clock with 8,000 accumulated before Michael purchased the car. If you do the math, Michael put a mere 3,000 miles on it since his ownership, and 400 of those miles were stacked over the first two days.

"I would call my driving style spirited. I don't drive it a lot, but when I do, I like to beat on it a little bit."

Michael's wife, Jessica, is also a Mustang fanatic, so Michael ordered her a '03 Mach 1 as a wedding anniversary gift. "I would like to thank my lovely and patient wife, who has been more than understanding with this Mustang illness. She understands that Mustangs will forever be a part of our lives!"

Prior to his current vehicle, he was the proud owner of a '90 LX and an '89 GT 'vert. Currently sitting alongside his current Shelby GT and his wife's '03 Mach 1 is a '88 LX 5.0 hatch that he will hand down to his son, Cain, when he turns 16.

Michael sends a big thank you to Scott Vossekuil for his hours of faithful service, and to both Michael's mother-in-law and father-in-law, who have offered up some of their real estate for Michael's storage. Lastly, appreciation goes to David from Specialty Coatings and Jake from F&A Racing for all of their help.