Eric English
April 9, 2014

“It’s ironic,” chuckled Marc. “Most people want to put a newer engine in an older chassis, and I wanted to put an older engine in a newer chassis.”

Certainly Marc’s solution isn’t a first in the Mustang world, but it has become a lot less common compared to the days of commonplace 351 and 460 swaps into Fox Mustangs, and it gets our attention. The rarity of such events is a clear indicator of how good we have it today. However, some things from the past have stood the test of time. That’s what we’d say about Ford’s canted-valve small-block, whose original genesis came in the form of the ’69 Boss 302 and ’70 351 Cleveland.

Bud Moore was the first to work with the latter engine in NASCAR in the early ’70s, but Cleveland Fords have proven their worth time and time again over the last forty years. In the mid-to-late ’80s—long before Marc’s ’03 Nextel Cup engine—a hybrid of sorts became the standard build by fitting Cleveland-style heads to 351 Windsor architecture blocks. Some call it a Clevor. That arrangement was what all big Ford teams were using prior to the 2009 switch to the non- production FR9 engine now used in NASCAR. But we digress.

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After getting the engine from Roush Yates, Marc tore it down for inspection and replaced the flat-tappet cam with a big solid-roller. He also fabbed up his own triple-step headers to mate with the fabulous Yates C3s, routed spent fumes out the sides, and moved the fuel tank rearward to provide adequate space.

Topped with a 950-cfm carb from Quick Fuel Technology, the 358-incher just crested 800 flywheel horse-power at a raucous 8,500-rpm wail. To say the least, it’s a sound you don’t hear coming from a S197 every day!

In the car, the new engine is proving to be everything Marc was hoping for—big time power that will repeat all day long. That’s the on-track report anyway. As for on the road, those days for this former street car are pretty well over, even though Marc reports the car is still licensed and he’s made a few freeway jaunts to nearby Pacific Raceways.

“With the blown 4.6, it was docile in street traffic and I’d drive it to work from time to time. Now it idles at 2,200 rpm, the triple-disc clutch is a bit of a chore on takeoff, and I’d be in trouble if I got stuck in traffic.”

Yes, we’d call the conversion to full-race status complete. While a true competitive debut has yet to occur, Marc is enthused by the potential of AIX coming to the Pacific Northwest in 2014. It’s time to play ball.

This ’08 GT is covered in a factory white wrapper, but it’s hardly subtle. Prior to installation of the full-race 358, owner Marc Sorger reports that local law enforcement pulled him over on the streets several times—but just out of curiosity and appreciation. Marc was impressed that one officer knew enough to think the car was one of the FR500 series builds, and thus checked for a legitimate VIN. He found it, of course!

Tech Specs: 2008 Mustang Gt



Ford Racing 351


Bryant billet steel




BME forged w/Total Seal rings


Crane solid-roller w/ 268/280 duration at 0.050-in and 0.803-in lift

Cylinder heads

Yates C3, ported w/ T&D 1.9 shaft rollers

Intake manifold

Ford Racing X351

Fuel system

Custom TMS fuel cell built from ’70 Mustang tank w/ -10 lines, CV Products mechanical pump, and Quick Fuel 950-cfm carburetor


Custom step headers by Marc Sorger w/ 17⁄8 to 2 to 21⁄8-in primaries, 31⁄2-in merged collectors, 3-in H-pipe, and Borla mufflers, and 3-in side exit


Tex Racing T101A w/ Long shifter, QuarterMaster 7.25-in triple-disc clutch, Quartermaster flywheel, and chrome-moly 4-in driveshaft


8.8 w/ 3.73 gears, Yukon DuraGrip differential, Yukon 31-spline axles, and Whiteline cover



MSD HVC-L w/ Moroso NASCAR distributor


Auto Meter


Front suspension


APR tubular




KW competition coilovers, double- adjustable


KW competition coilovers


Baer 14-in w/ six-piston calipers and Hawk pads


18x10-in Saleen replicas


Hoosier R100 295/680R-18 slicks

Rear suspension


KW competition coilovers, double-adjustable


KW competition coilovers

Control Arms

Whiteline w/ Whiteline Watt’s link and Whiteline adjustable sway bar


Baer 14-in w/ stock caliper and Hawk pads


18x10-in Saleen replicas


Hoosier R100 295/680R-18 slicks