Jerry Heasley
May 20, 2014

Rick Parker was shocked when Fred Struckman walked into his shop, Signature Auto in Columbus, Ohio three years ago. The older gentleman claimed to own an original '70 Drag Pack Mach 1. Drag Pack, of course, means a Super Cobra Jet 428ci big-block for 1970. "He wanted some work done on the car. You have to know Fred. He's up in age and loves to talk about his Mustang," Rick stated.

Fred carried pictures of his beloved Mach 1. The two shared a common interest. Rick has a large collection of muscle Mustangs and Fords, as well as a full-time business restoring such cars for clients. Rick drove 20 minutes east of Columbus to Reynoldsburg, Ohio to see the Mustang. When Fred opened his garage door, Rick said, "I couldn't believe my eyes. I've lived in Columbus all my life and never knew this car existed."

Rick was staring at a very rare and unusual muscle Mustang. The paint was a special order in Medium Green according to the original invoice, which came from the late Lois Eminger. Another oddity was the presence of one chromed mirror on the driver's side. The invoice listed this mirror as a $10.00 credit in substitution of color-keyed racing mirrors. So, it was correct and original, same as the rest of the car. Nothing had ever been changed. The interior was like new and the body rust free. Incredibly, the Mach 1 was still wearing its original F70x14 wide oval belted, raised white letter tires. Rick was freaking out.

This original invoice from Lois Eminger reveals the original make-up of this very rare ’70 Super Cobra Jet Mach 1.

Fred even showed Rick the original bill of sale. On October 30, 1970, Fred traded in his '68 Corvette, a 427 Tri-Power (allowance $2,681.26) for the Mach 1, priced at $3,495. The story Fred got was the kid who traded-in the Mach 1 said his wife could not handle the heavy-duty four-speed clutch. (Later, he discovered the kid had plugged the back two barrels of the four barrel Holley to save fuel.)

Parker's shop got the Mach 1 running. The two became friends, Fred stopping by the shop for coffee off and on over the next three years. Then, one day Fred walked into Rick's shop. He had just come from a visit to his doctor. As bad as he wanted to drive his Mach 1, he couldn't. His legs were just too weak as a result of muscular dystrophy. Fred said he thought about advertising the car for sale, but worried about "1,500 kids wanting to drive my Mustang." So, he sold the car to Rick. "We sat down here and had a coke together and worked out a deal. I ended up buying it," Rick said.

Fred is happy Rick bought the car. He can go see it anytime. "Rick's wife Jacquie told me anytime I want I can come over and polish the car, or sit in it. We're all good friends," Fred told us.