May 1, 2014

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Mustangs in Red

Joddy Roys is known as "Mustang Sally" around her hometown of Elkader, Iowa. And for good reason. After buying and trading various Mustangs over the past several years, Joddy has put together a collection of red Mustangs that includes a '67 hardtop, an '04 GT coupe, an '05 GT coupe and convertible, and a '10 GT convertible. Most of the late-models have been updated with aftermarket equipment. Joddy says, "I cruise on my lunch hours and drive these five ponies as much as Iowa weather allows! Life is good!"

Original Owner Again

In 1968, Donald Green bought a new '68 Shelby GT 500KR. He enjoyed it for nine years, then, like so many others, he sold it in 1977. But in 2010, Donald was able to get his Cobra Jet-powered Shelby back. "I bought it from a guy who had stored it for over 30 years," he tells us. "Then it took me three years to restore." Now, Donald's King of the Road Shelby looks just like it did when he first bought it nearly five decades ago.

10-Second Hardtop

Gerrod Winkler purchased his '67 Mustang in 2001, restoring it throughout high school and building it into a drag strip match-racer at Sacramento Raceway. Gerrod has equipped his Mustang with a 347 stroker small-block, 125hp NOS Cheater nitrous, full NHRA roll cage, adjustable shocks, subframe connectors, Hoosier slicks, and an 8-inch rear end with 4.62 gears and a Strange spool. Best quarter-mile elapsed times to date have been 11.42 on just the engine and 10.38 with nitrous.

Advice Ignored

When Bedford, Indiana's Don Hudson first considered purchasing this '66 convertible, a knowledgeable friend recommended that he not buy it. "He put a magnet on the fenders and it fell off," Don recalls as he describes the large amount of body filler holding the Mustang together. Don bought it anyway. "I have not regretted it a moment since," he adds. Since then, Don has replaced the front fenders and rear quarter panels during a complete restoration, adding air conditioning at the same time. "I get more compliments when I drive this car than any other car I have ever driven," he adds.