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April 3, 2014
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Of course, with the car running well and looking good from its Stage 1 and 2 upgrades (“Nice Save,” Aug. ’13, p. 96), it was time to bring on the power with Stage 3 (“Triple Threat,” Nov. ’13, p. 82).

“In Stage 3, it was time to install some much-needed performance mods. Up until this point, we had fully restored our nearly destroyed ’93 convertible back to showroom quality,” Shane added. “We were trying to build the car that Ford never made ... a ’93 Cobra convertible. With all of our Cobra styling additions, it was only right that it had the power to back it up!”

The bulk of this era of the project centered on a heads/cam/intake upgrade based on Ford Racing Performance Parts gear. Rounding out the HCI was supported by BBK exhaust components and a Flowmaster after-cat. The gains were quite impressive, as the car picked up over 100 rear-wheel horsepower.

It is a classic combo—a GT-40-spec 5.0-liter topped off by a Vortech supercharger. The car was tuned by Bama Tuning and uses MSD’s trick Power Grid for a completely laptop-programmable ignition curve.

Those mods made the car a lot more fun, but when you are having that much fun, why stop at just three stages? Adding that fourth stage to this rocket ride called for some extra boost. That came in the form of a Vortech supercharger and the necessary support hardware, including a bigger SCT mass air, Aeromotive fuel rails, and even a stouter alternator from PA Performance.

“Oh, the car definitely met and exceeded expectations, performance wise! When we first started the project, I don’t think we had a clear idea of what we wanted for the final power-adder stage. We had the first three stages mapped out pretty well, but the fourth stage was a bit of an afterthought at the time,” Justin explained. “We knew we wanted to try and replicate the ’93 Cobra’s power plant as much as possible with the heads, intake, and cam, but that was pretty much the extent of the plans. It wasn’t until a few months after the build was completed that we ultimately decided to bolt up the Vortech and go for some big power...”

They were able to make impressive power, and even put the car deep into the 11-second zone to end the project on a high note. While this is the final official stage of the project, we know these cars are never really done. The AM crew wants to keep having fun with this resurrected Fox and see just how well a convertible “Cobra” can perform.

“...We honestly want to push the limits of the T5 and the stock block and see what we can pull out of the ’ole girl. I’m thinking with the right air and a sticky track a high 10 wouldn’t be impossible, as long as everything holds together,” Justin concluded. “The boys at Bama did a hell of a job with the tune. It’s just a matter and seeing how much more abuse that transmission is willing to take before it gets upset with us. Either way, we’re just going to continue to have a fun with the car and do what we do best, try to make it even faster!”

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TECH SPECS: ’93 Mustang GT

Engine and Drivetrain

Stock iron



Stock hypereutectic

Ford Racing Performance Parts E303

Cylinder heads
FRPP Turbo Swirl GT-40X aluminum

Intake manifold
FRPP Cobra aluminum

Power Adder
Vortech V-3 SCi-Trim, black

Fuel system
BBK 255-lph fuel pump w/ Aeromotive fuel rails, and Edelbrock fuel injectors

FRPP short-tube headers w/ BBK H-pipe and Flowmaster after-cat exhaust

T-5 five-speed manual w/ Exedy Mach 350 Stage 1 clutch and SR Performance adjustable quadrant

Stock 8.8 w/ 31-spline axles, 3.73 gears, and FRPP aluminum diff cover


Engine management
Stock EEC-IV w/ Bama tune

Stock w/ MSD Power Grid, ACCEL distributor cap and rotor; MSD Super Conductor 8.5mm wires; and NGK Iridium IX spark plugs


Suspension and Chassis




Stock w/ SR Performance caster/camber plates

SR Performance


17x9-in 10th Anniversary Cobra-style, black

Sumitomo, 245/45-17



SR Performance

Control Arms
AJE adjustable uppers and J&M Weight Jacker lowers

Five-lug disc

17x9-in 10th Anniversary Cobra-style, black

Sumitomo, 245/45-17