Kristian Grimsland
Associate Editor, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
March 8, 2014

1993 LX Mustang • Paul Lauzon • Tiverton, Ontario

The first car I ever bought was a used '86 V-6 Mustang for college transportation back when I was into motorcycles. In the summer of 1993, after my second year of college, everything changed. I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, which cost me the use of my right arm and the possibility of ever riding a motorcycle again.

At that time, I didn't know much about Mustangs. But after a short while, I started buying Mustang magazines (including MM&FF) and quickly learned what the Mustang was—a great American icon with an exciting history behind it. The articles caught my attention and the Mustang stole my heart. I quickly learned how much potential Mustangs have and my brain kicked into “project mode.” I needed to replace the rush I used to get on two wheels.

My '86 Mustang unfortunately ended up totaled in a car accident and was replaced with an '87 four-cylinder that was intended to become a race car. Canadian weather and time were it's demise, and that one too was sold off. I eventually bought a '88 5.0L parts car and a '89 5.0L LX coupe (my first coupe). The '89 became a “street fighter” project that was a very slow build. By the time the project reached chassis preparations, it too was affected by Canadian rust, so it was parted out and scrapped.

I finally gave up on a Canadian chassis and purchased a perfectly clean, solid '93 four-cylinder LX coupe from North Carolina. I had it shipped to Canada, stripped it bare, then restored, modified, and painted to perfection. I eventually handed my coupe over to out of Milton, Ontario, for the final assembly process. Once there, I had the crew install a 347ci stroker, built by Kirk at Ajax Racing Engines.

In the summer of 2011, 18 years after my motorcycle accident, I began racing in the Ontario Street Car Association (OSCA) at Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga. I started with the 10.90 index class and ran the full season. I also ran in my first-ever annual Canadian Street Car Nationals (CSCN) event, held by DaSilva Racing that summer. I chose to run in Open Comp for that event, and even made it to the semifinals through six rounds of eliminations.

I only participated in a few Open Comp races in 2012, and this past season, I was unable to make it to every race. I did manage to make it back to the CSCN, where I decided to chase my very first 9-second pass. Unfortunately, after a couple wheel-hanging 10.07 passes, I lost oil pressure at the top end of a run and had to park it for the remainder of the season.

The factory stock 5.0L block finally split with the 660hp tune, but luckily no other internal damage. I plan to rebuild it with a Dart Iron Eagle race block, bump up displacement to 363 ci, raise the compression ratio to 13:1, use 110 race gas, and upgrade the camshaft from a 6,300-rpm hydraulic setup to a 7,300 rpm solid-lifter setup for my next season of racing. My next goal is to run in the 9.90 index, and eventually even move up to the 8.90 index.

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