Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
March 5, 2014
Photos By: Steve Turner

Horse Sense: Though still separate businesses, Boosted Performance and Rick Erdman's Amazon Tuning are now under the same roof. Rick is able to concentrate on tuning, and Donnie and Corey can focus on mechanical upgrades. The two work together on projects needing both engine builds and tuning to see a project through to being road-ready.

Achampion of the Coyote swap movement, Travis Smith's Fox GT further drives home the point that this swap should be on every Mustang enthusiast's radar. With our own Coyote Cobra, we made 400 rwhp with a stock engine, managed 22-23 mph on the highway with a Tremec T56 Magnum transmission, and enjoyed everyday driveability.

Still, when someone asks me if they should build a 331-347, or drop in a Coyote, I always side with the Coyote. Sure, some people are always going to be pushrod guys, and that's awesome, but if you're on the fence about which direction to take your Mustang, may I present Travis Smith's argument in the form of his '93 GT.

"He's the idiot that pushed me in this direction," Travis jokingly says about his buddy Troy Raby. A simple blown head gasket turned into what you see here.

Though he owned several Mustangs prior to this GT, Travis didn't have much supercharger experience. So when he picked-up this '93 GT with a stock long-block, a blow-through carburetor setup, and a ProCharger P600B supercharger, it shouldn't surprise anyone that he blew the head gaskets out of it within five minutes of owning the car. Instead of simply replacing the head gaskets, Travis spent the next year constructing a 308ci engine. Unfortunately, upon startup, the engine had no oil pressure. A bad cam bearing was the culprit.

At this point, Travis thought it was a good idea to let someone else handle the engine-building chores. And who else to leave that job up to than Ford themselves. He also thought it best to hand over the project to professionals. Those being Donnie and Corey over at Boosted Performance in Mooresville, North Carolina. Donnie and Corey would handle the car's transformation from an overgrown paper weight to Coyote-swap beast.

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"The Coyote rage was starting and I had to have one," Travis says. He thought if he sold off all his pushrod stuff, that would help offset the cost of the swap.

As with a swap of this magnitude, it took a little while for Travis to gather everything he needed. It took a little more searching to find parts for his Fox than for someone who owns a '96-'04. He had to source a Hydroboost system, a Tremec T56 Magnum and assorted driveline gear, and of course, the engine itself, along with the Ford Racing Control Pack.

Some believe you can't use the UPR K-member and BBK swap headers together, but Donnie and Corey were able to marry them by lowering the K-member ever so slightly. The guys initially sourced an aftermarket front drive system, but discovered that wouldn't work. They sold off that system, and selected a Ford Racing front-drive setup with a '96-'98 Mustang GT power steering pump.

Why the front-drive-system change, you ask? If you are friends with Donnie and Corey from Boosted Performance in Mooresville, North Carolina, you know the thing had to have a blower on it. With a name like Boosted Performance, the car's gotta have boost.

Travis skipped over the entry-level ProCharger P-1SC for the more serious D-1SC supercharger. At the time Travis was performing the swap, the factory Coyote engine was the only one available from Ford Racing, but should he need more power in the future, he won't have to swap out the blower. However, with 646 horsepower at the wheels in a Fox GT, how much more do you need for a street car?!

So let's look at this ... almost 650 rwhp from a stock engine with just a blower and a tune. We know you can make that with a blown 331 or 347, but will you be able to drive it crosscountry without popping the hood at every stop to make sure everything's OK? "The car is comfortable, drives great, stops on a dime, is incredibly powerful, and looks fantastic," Travis says. Donnie says at shows people make comments like, "That looks easy."

Yes, Donnie and Corey make it look like anyone can do a Coyote swap.

Instead of simply replacing the head gaskets, Travis spent the next year constructing a 308ci engine.
As with a swap of this magnitude, it took a little while for Travis to gather everything he needed. The exterior of Travis’ GT may look like a standard white Fox GT, but it’s actually 2011 Performance White over a stock body with a Cervini’s Auto Designs 4-inch cowl hood. Smitty’s Paint and Body in Mooresville, North Carolina, did the paint work on the car. The car was previously Oxford white, but the guys seemed to think Performance White had a little more pop to it so they changed over to that color. The iForged Flux wheels are wrapped in Nitto treads at each corner. Cobra brakes reside up front, while an SN-95 GT rear brake package lives out back. Travis recently powdercoated the calipers to match the GT’s body.

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Tech Specs: 1993 GT

Engine and Drivetrain
Block: Aluminum Coyote
Crankshaft: Forged steel
Rods: Forged steel
Pistons: Hypereutectic aluminum
Camshafts: Factory Coyote
Cylinder heads: Aluminum DOHC w/ Twin Independent Variable cam timing
Intake manifold: Ford Racing Boss 302 Power Adder: ProCharger D-1SC supercharger w/ Stage II intercooler, Boosted Performance custom piping, 41⁄2-in pulley, and 9 pounds of boost
Fuel system: Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump w/ -8 feed line, -6 return line, stock rails, Ford Racing 60-lb/hr injectors, and an Aeromotive regulator
Exhaust: BBK Performance Coyote swap headers w/ corresponding X-shape crossover pipe, and MAC after-cat exhaust
Transmission: Tremec T56 Magnum w/ Ram Powergrip clutch, MGW shifter, and custom aluminum driveshaft
Rearend: Stock 8.8 w/ Auburn Pro Posi, Moser Engineering 31-spline axles, and 4.10 gears

Engine management: Ford Racing Control Pack PCM w/ an Amazon Racing tune via an SCT XCal3
Ignition: Coil-on-plug w/ Brisk spark plugs
Gauges: Auto Meter in Florida 5.0 cluster

Suspension and Chassis
Front suspension
K-member: UPR Products tubular
A-arms: UPR Products tubular
Struts: Strange Engineering 10-way adjustable
Springs: UPR Products
Brakes: SN-95 Cobra w/ 13-in drilled and slotted rotors
Wheels: iForged Flux, 18x9-in
Tires: Nitto Extreme ZR 255/40-18

Rear suspension
Shocks: Strange Engineering 10-way adjustable
Springs: UPR Products
Control Arms: Metco Motorsports Solutions
Brakes: SN-95 GT w/ drilled and slotted rotors
Wheels: iForged Flux, 18x10-in
Tires: Nitto Invo 285/35-18