Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
February 11, 2014

Repeat Offender

Jeremy and Shannon Polston's Roush Mustangs have been in Showcase once before, but I think we called him John, or Justin, or something like that. All we know is, we didn't call him Jeremy. To make it right, here's another shot of Jeremy and Shannon's Roush Mustangs. Shannon's is the black '12 Stage 3, affectionately known as Black Betty. Jeremy says the car is 1 of 33 red-striped black Stage 3s built in 2012. At the time, Jeremy was happy with his '04 Cobra, but he eventually moved on to the Gotta Have It Green '13 Roush Stage 3 seen here with Shannon's Black Betty. Jeremy ordered the car with black stripes, but a paperwork glitch meant his Roush arrived to the dealer with red stripes. He wasn't happy, and even ordered a replacement black stripe kit. However, the red stripes grew on him, so he left the car that way. We bet that combo will probably be more rare than Shannon's example. A Brenspeed tune has Jeremy's Roush Stage 3 putting down 565 horsepower to the wheels.

Feature Hopeful

Racine, Wisconsin's Nick Gabbey sent us an eye-opening photo of what his '92 GT looked like before compared to after. Too bad it was a low-resolution image—you'll have to trust us when we say it was nowhere near as nice as it is now. The GT was a two-tone blue with grey bottom, but now, as you can see, it's all blue. The black interior has been bolstered with Corbeau seats, among many other additions. Under the hood is where Nick spent quality time, as well, adding a Vortech T-trim supercharger to a built engine. Nick also added a Tremec TKO 500 transmission with a Ford Racing Performance Parts aluminum driveshaft, a full UPR Products suspension, and CCW wheels.


Uniontown, Ohio's Christian Grest has a thing for green Mustangs. He had a Calypso Green '92 LX he was restoring, but he couldn't resist updating his tastes and that car was sacrificed in favor of this Gotta Have It Green '12 GT. Christian drove a '12 GT a year prior to purchasing this car, and he was so impressed with the car's feel and performance he made it a goal to own one. His wife surprised him by giving the go-ahead to get a '12, with one condition ... it had to be Gotta Have it Green. “I was so stoked they had one at my local Ford dealer just down the street—exactly what I wanted and none of the extras, making it a great canvas for some mods,” Christian says. Since the purchase, Christian's added RTR wheels, a Boss 302 oil cooler, a Ford Racing GT500 axle-back exhaust, a JLT Performance oil seperator, a Barton shifter, and Redline Tuning hood struts.