Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
February 4, 2014

Mmmm, Vossens

Richard Eimers - 2006 Ford Mustang Saleen

Vossen wheels make your scribe's eyes wander, and Richard Eimers' '06 Saleen features the company's CV3 lookers in chrome, which is a double-whammy. A black car looks best over chrome wheels, and when there's 445 horsepower at the wheels, so much the better. The extra power comes from an intercooled Saleen supercharger, a Ford Racing throttle body, JBA headers, a JLT Performance cold air intake, MMR fuel rails, and a custom tune. To whoa the go, Richard's Saleen employs a StopTech/Baer brake combo, while a Saleen Watt's link makes sure the car stays on the straight and narrow. Besides the Vossens, exterior upgrades include a Cardinale splitter/diffuser, Agent 47 side mirrors, and polished quarter-window frames.

Torchin' the Road

Joe Holland - 2010 Ford Shelby GT500

There's not a Mustang fan alive who wouldn't want Joe Holland's '10 Shelby GT500. Look at that Torch Red paint and those chrome Steeda Spyder wheels. What's not to like? Joe called on Lethal Performance and CJ Pony Parts for his performance parts needs, then he turned to Lidio Iacobelli at Alternative Auto to make his horsepower dreams come true. Thanks to a Whipple 2.9-liter supercharger, Kooks headers, a Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump, and a custom tune, Joe's Shelby puts down 700 horsepower at the Nitto Extreme Drag radials. Joe uses the car for shows and cruises during the Michigan summers, but he notes the car is not a show or trailer queen.

Secret's Out

Ken Edwards - 1992 Ford Mustang GT

It seems Ken Edwards and Associate Editor Johnson have something in common. Both would grab the keys to big brother's Mustang when he wasn't looking. Hey, you have to learn how to drive stick somehow! Anyway, Ken's brother's '92 GT is a lot nicer than my brother's '79, but unlike myself, Ken ended up with his brother's Mustang. The Oxford White-over-black-interior GT became Ken's, and in 2005, he replaced the engine and transmission with a Ford Racing long-block and World Class T5. He also added BBK Performance headers, a Bassani X-shape crossover pipe, and a Flowmaster after-cat exhaust. In 2006 the GT received new paint, Cobra R wheels in white, and Mickey Thompson drag radials out back. “I plan on holding onto my Mustang for many, many years to come,” Ken says. We'd say that's a good plan.