February 5, 2014

Shelby Tribute

Pete Watson from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls had always wanted a Shelby Mustang. But with the high cost of an original, it was financially out of the question. So using Shelby parts from Tony Branda Performance in Pennsylvania, he started with a '67 Mustang fastback and built it into a Shelby "Tribute." Painted in Highland Green with white stripes, including over-the-tops LeMans, the Mustang is powered by a J-code 302 with a Toploader four-speed. It's also equipped with fold-down rear seat, front disc brakes, and overhead console.

'69-'70 Lover

Tony Palmieri has a thing for '69-'70 Mustangs, as you see from his three-SportsRoof collection. From front to rear: '70 Boss 302 ("100 percent concours restoration down to every detail; I did everything except the paint"), '69 Mach 1 ("29,000 miles, an MCA Gold winner in the Unrestored class; hasn't seen rain since 1983"), and '70 Mach 1 ("Not concours restored but you have to look very closely to realize what's different)."

Original-Owner '64½

In July 1964, just after turning 16, Patrick Farrell's father took him to Charles Prince Ford Sales in Colfax, California, to look at new Mustangs. "I'll never forget the moment when I came face-to-honeycomb-grille with a white 289 hardtop," Patrick says. "Dad told me that he had won $800 in Reno and he knew about the $400 in my savings account. Then he said, ‘If you took the $150 you'd save by getting a 260 instead of the 289, you could use it to get a convertible.'" On July 24, with his dad co-signing, Patrick drove away in a Prairie Bronze convertible. He still owns it today, looking as good as new after completing a three-year restoration in 2012.

Canadian Convertible

On good days in Edmonton, Canada, you'll find Phil Carey tooling around in his Alloy Grey '07 Mustang GT convertible with five-speed. In addition to the factory Premium package, Phil has added Shelby wheels, light bar, hood scoop (with "4.6L V8" emblem), and Shelby rear spoiler.

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