Kristian Grimsland
Associate Editor, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
January 13, 2014

My wife, Shannon, and I bought our first Mustang back in 1993 and have owned eight more since. There were a few gaps over the years as we shuffled our kids around in SUVs and minivans. In 2010, we bought a new Mustang GT, but quickly realized a game of “who-gets-to-drive-the-Stang-to-work” was not feasible. Then Ford brought back the beloved 5.0L and a ’11 GT/CS was added to our stable, followed by an ’04 Cobra convertible.

We spent the next year driving our California Special and Terminator until we spotted a ’12 Roush Stage 3 at our local dealership. We didn’t know it at the time, but there were only 33 black-with-black-and-red-stripes Stage 3 coupes made in 2012. I wasn’t quite ready to give up my Snake, so Shannon traded her ride for the Roush. She soon decided to have JDM Engineering tune the Roushcharged Coyote. That really woke it up—500 rwhp on the dyno.

Shortly after, I decided to trade in my Terminator for an ’11 red GT. I spent some time and money with simple mods and bolt-ons, but without a TVS supercharger, Shannon was still running away from me on the streets. We added a lot of chrome and custom paintwork in the engine bays of both cars.

One day my GT and I were caught in a hailstorm—mini dents were all over the hood and roof. With the ’11 GT damaged, I came across the new Gotta Have It Green color Ford was offering for ’13 models. Sure enough, I could order a Stage 3 Roush in that color.

Shannon was not totally on board with me trading at first, but after an onslaught of texts over the next couple of months—“I gotta-have-it-green”—she caved in. So the order was placed. I loaded a Roush Stage 3 with all the trimmings, including the track pack, navigation, and every option available, excluding the glass roof and black stripes.

Delivery day came about a month later and I was ready to see it roll off the trailer. There it was—bright green with red stripes! Somehow the order got messed up and the car shipped with red stripes. The dealership’s general manager ordered the correct stripes from Roush, but I still took delivery of my new Roushcharged Pony as it would only take a few days for the black stripes to arrive. As strange as it sounds, the red stripes grew on me over those few days, and I received compliments everywhere I went. I decided to keep them.

While in general conversation we often say “his” and “her” Roush Mustangs, it seemed awkward referring to them as the black or green one, so we gave them more affectionate names—Black Betty and Reptile.

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