Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
February 14, 2014

We always look forward to the upcoming race season. Another guy who can’t wait to start the season is Ronnie Diaz, aka The Modfather.

Mod Motor Mustangs, one of Ronnie’s sponsors, sent us the latest information on Ronnie’s car, which is primarily based on X275-type rules. Starting with a ‘99 Mustang, the car features a new 25.3 chassis by Chris Acors at Acors Performance out of Doswell, Virginia. The car’s exterior plays host to a Schoneck Composites Cobra front end and Outlaw hood, Harry Glass doors, an Optic Armor glass kit, Bullitt side shirts, a RaceCraft 17-inch aluminum wing, and to help bring it all to a stop, twin Simpson Racing ‘chutes.

To put the concrete boots on the competition, Ronnie’s New Edge features 358 cubic inches of hurt feelings, starting with a Ford GT Supercar block as a foundation. From there, engine builder Dave Guy added GT500 heads, a valvetrain full of Jesel’s finest, custom ground cams, a MMR billet crank, Oliver billet-steel Rods, CP Pistons, Moran billet atomizer 235cc injectors, a Sullivan intake, a Wilson elbow, an Accufab throttle body, and a Moroso dry-sump oiling system. We can’t wait to hear the mechanical concert from a pair of Acors Performance custom stepped headers, matched with Flowmaster Race mufflers. With that, we’re sure to need earplugs when Ronnie comes to the line.

Adding to the noise is Ronnie’s boost maker of choice, ProCharger’s rock star F-1X supercharger. Making boost is the F-1X’s first priority—quiet operation is not its strong suit. To enable the F-1X to pack the punch needed to compete at a high level, Ronnie uses a Supercharger Store gear drive unit.

The engine combination is just one part of the equation to a race-winning formula. A racecar’s transmission is just as important, if not more important than the engine. To that end, Ronnie chose an ATF-prepped Powerglide with a Neal Chance bolt-together converter.

Of course, all this stuff wouldn’t do a thing without the right engine management system. Ronnie chose a Big Stuff 3 system, tuned by Triangle Speed Shop’s Daniel Pachar. A Spaghetti Menders wiring system connects all points back to a RacePack IQ3 Dash and Sportsman Datalogger.

With all this power, keeping the car straight is of utmost importance. A RaceCraft front suspension does the job, featuring Santhuff double-adjustable struts to mind the compression and rebound. Out back, Acors Performance implemented Afco double-adjustable shocks to connect the chassis to a Fab9 housing, filled with a Moser Engineering spool, 40-spline axles, and a Richmond Pro gear set. To help the aforementioned ‘chutes bring all the madness to a halt, Strange Engineering brakes hide within Billet Specialties wheels at each corner.

For 2014, Ronnie plans to run X275 races, along with a return to quarter-mile drag racing within the NMRA’s Street Outlaw class, where he hopes to show everyone a mod motor Mustang can hang with the big boys.