The MM&F Staff
December 18, 2013


1964 1⁄2 Mustang Coupe
Owner: Renee Breads

In choosing a Second Runner-Up, the choice became much more difficult. It was tough to decide for sure. In the end, Renee Breads’ coupe was the majority winner for this award. The exterior lines are super simple and covered in a factory color for easy repair. And that’s a good thing seeing as this is Renee’s daily driver.

Equipped with a late-model 3V 4.6-liter and five-speed manual powertrain, this coupe offers improved and reliable performance, as well as an interior that envelopes its occupants with custom upholstery and modern amenities. If you’re not into racing, this might be your ideal ride, but we don’t doubt this coupe can turn just as well as it sits in traffic. -Photos by Cesar Andre

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Ford 4.6L Three-Valve Modular V-8 from an ’08 Shelby GT

Tremec 3650 five-speed manual

Ford 8-inch rearend

Rod & Custom Motorsports IFS and power rack-and-pinion steering

Stock leaf springs and shocks

Wilwood disc brakes, 11-inch rotors, four-piston calipers

Budnik Ice wheels with Yokohama YK580 tires

Custom tan leather upholstery by 714 Motorsports; Budnik Ice steering wheel; Auto Meter Pro Comp Ultra Lite instruments; Cerullo bucket seats; modified rear bench seat; custom console; upholstered and carpeted trunk

’08 GM Crystal Red basecoat/clearcoat by Pete Santini; filled-in cowl vent; custom front grille; smoothed front valance; narrowed and smoothed rear bumper