Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 22, 2004

Cervini's Auto Designs is a name synonymous with aftermarket body panels, including hoods, wings, bumper covers, and so on. Owner Danny Cervini started out as a young kid working in his dad's body shop. Later, he had a Fox GT and a vision to make the car look a lot better than stock. His first design was a cowl hood. Yes, he borrowed a look made famous by Chevrolet Camaros and Chevelles and put it on a Fox Mustang. That first hood, still tucked away at Cervini's Vineland, New Jersey, headquarters, weighs more than a stock, steel Fox-body hood.

Danny has obviously made great strides ever since that first hood, and his '03 Cobra is a good sign he's not slowing down anytime soon. "It's hard to choose which is the most impressive feature of the car," he says, "because it is so well balanced between its looks and power." Fortunately for Danny, the looks aspect of the car was the easiest part to work on, but he says it was also the most rewarding part as well. "It's just a great feeling when you get a stock Mustang, strip it of its panels, and bolt on a Stalker 10-piece kit," he says. "To witness the transformation is amazing."

Horse Sense: Cervini's Stalker kit is easily installed, even on a '99-upV-6 Mustang. But the rear bumper has dual exhaust provisions, so a truedual system will need to be added. "Stalker" is embossed in the rearbumper. Danny Cervini won a Ford Product Excellence Award for hisefforts in the Mustang aftermarket. He would like to thank all his greatemployees for helping with the car and making it the success it istoday.

The power equation wasn't that much more difficult to solve. His Cobra made 370 hp mostly stock, and 100 more were available by simply dropping off the car at JDM Engineering and letting the crew do its thing. JDM/Kooks headers, a JDM H-pipe with cats, and a MagnaFlow after-cat make up the exhaust, while upper and lower blower pulleys allow the stock Eaton supercharger to force 18 pounds of boost into the stock Four-Valve heads. JDM tuned the car using a Superchips performance chip to arrive at 470 hp and 497 lb-ft of torque. "All that for under $4,000 parts and labor," Danny says. "That's the cheapest 100 hp I've ever bought."

Danny's investment made the best return--against a Corvette--just after having the work done by JDM. "Assuming the Corvette was stock, I figured it would be an easy kill," he says. "However, after shifting into Second gear, I noticed he was still on my bumper. Shifting into Third, I was now serious about it and was able to widen the distance between us, going into Fourth. Afterward, we pulled over to talk, which was difficult to do over the sound of his cammed-up 427 stroker engine. He proceeded to tell me the car dyno'd at 490 hp at the rear wheels. He couldn't believe his Corvette was unable to catch me."

138_0404_1z 2003_Ford_Mustang_Cobra Front_Driver_Side_Burnout138_0404_4z 2003_Ford_Mustang_Cobra Engine
Danny didn't want his Cobra to just look fast standing still--he wantedit to be fast going down the road as well. The engine is stock, but JDMadded an Accufab single-blade throttle body, a K&N filter, a JDM-tunedSuperchips performance chip, and upper and lower blower pulleys toarrive at 18 pounds of boost from the stock Eaton supercharger. JDM alsoteamed with Kooks for the headers, the H-pipe, and the MagnaFlowafter-cat system. These few additions add up to 470 hp and 497 lb-ft oftorque on JDM's in-house Dynojet. If you're curious, Danny's best timeat the track is an 11.40 at 121 mph with a 1.63 60-foot time.
138_0404_5z 2003_Ford_Mustang_Cobra Interior
The interior remains largely stock, with the exception of Corbeau seatsand the Cervini's Styling Bar.
138_0404_3z 2003_Ford_Mustang_Cobra Front_Driver_Side
It's no surprise Danny's'03 Cobra is decked out with Cervini's ownStalker body kit. The car served as a guinea pig for several of thecompany's new products. So when those parts fit like they were made foryour '99-up Mustang, now you know why. Danny's car features the 10-pieceStalker kit with a fiberglass hood and rear wing, urethane front andrear bumpers, side skirts, sidescoops, and side-scoop door moldings. TheCobra also features Cervini's two-piece Speedster Cover, the design ofwhich allows for easy trunk storage. Speaking of the trunk, the thirdbrake light has been removed from it, but the Stalker rear wing featuresa custom integrated third brake light (which isn't part of the standardkit). Cervini's Stalker 18x9 (front) and 18x11 wheels wrapped inMichelin Pilot Sport treads finish out the stunning package. Kenny Brownsuspension components bring the Cobra down a little closer to itsnatural habitat. While many will mistake Danny's Cobra for a GT, justask the driver of that stroked Corvette whether or not it is.

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