January 13, 2004

A look at the cars and the people that share our passion for Mustangs and Fords...

Project Voodoo Stang

Jason Demers of Tarpon Springs, Florida and member of Tampa's Mustang Club, "Modern Mustangs of North America" recently purchased this 2004 Mustang GT Coupe and immediately began doing mods. The "Voodoo Stang" has host of 'em including a Borla Cat-back exhaust; MAC StraightShot Cold Air intake; MAC billet polished 85mm Mass Air Meter; Accufab 75mm polished Throttle Body; Accufab polished upper intake plennum; Boyd Coddington Smoothie II 18" polished wheels/Nitto Extreme 555 tires; Steeda Tri-Ax short throw shifter; PowerMaster chrome alternator; Superchips module; Steeda billet engine dress items; QuickLIFT Elite hood lift; Factory '04 Cobra black power side mirrors; Steeda interior/exterior billet dress items; Razzi body kit; Leather shift and e-brake boots and leather arm rest cover; Mirror Stainless Steel bumper inserts; and JL Audio Subs and amp. Oh, and more are coming like PowerSlot rotors, Steeda Sport Springs/4-bolt caster camber plates, Kenne Bell polished twin screw supercharger w/ Intercooler. That's some vodoo indeed...

The Price is Right

Thomas Price of Clinton, Michigan, is the original owner of this '84 GT that boasts just 19,000 miles. Obviously, Thomas parks the car during the winter months, so for those two nice days he really racks up the miles. The GT features the original tires, wiper blades, and so on, with the only additions being '85 GT headers, an '88 factory H-pipe, '86 GT mufflers and tailpipes, and a Hurst shifter. "I have all the paperwork on the car from the day I ordered it," Thomas says. He is most certainly a member of Tech Editor Houlahan's Mustang Melvin club (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Matt Barnes

We invited Matt Barnes and his '86 GT to compete in our '03 King of the Street competition. We wanted to get a closer look at the car and possibly photograph it for a feature. Unfortunately, Matt was unable to make it to the competition. So, for now, you'll just have to look at the car here in Showcase.

We should all aim so high as to have a Mustang that's as nice and detailed as Matt's. The '86 features a Keith Craft 408 using a Ford Racing Performance Parts block, Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads and intake, a Coast High Performance Spyder elbow, a polished Vortech YS-Trim supercharger, and much more. With a FAST DFI system, the car has made 647 hp and 575 lb-ft of torque with only 16 degrees timing on pump gas. Other features include Baer brakes, Griggs front suspension components, UPR rear suspension components, a Tremec TTC 3550, and FRPP Cobra R wheels wrapped in Nitto NT555 treads.

Does your Mustang have the right stuff for Showcase? Well, proveit. Send your photos and car descriptions to 5.0 Showcase, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. Remember when taking photos to fill the frameand watch out for nonsense in the background. And if you're using adigital camera, crank up the resolution.

Home Run

It's a good thing H.R. Zoller lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. If he lived any closer, he'd have Editor Turner knocking on his door in the hopes of taking home his T-topped '86 GT. Even so, we're sure Turner would have a hard time wrestling the keys away from H.R. since he is also the original owner of the car. H.R. has modified the interior of his GT with '88 Saleen seats, an SVO steering wheel, and a B&M Hammer shifter. For performance, the GT boasts FRPP 3.73 gears and spark plug wires, a B&M shift-improvement kit, underdrive pulleys, 1.7 roller rockers, a Kenne Bell ram-air kit, an X-pipe, and DynoMax mufflers. For electrical support, H.R. added a 130-amp alternator, while subframe connectors keep everything sturdy. To match the pristine exterior, he added American Racing wheels wrapped in Yokohama shoes.

Another Original Owner

John Van Kirk of Tioga, Pennsylvania, is the original owner of this '84 GT. (This must be an original-owner record for Showcase.) John bought the car new and two days later picked up his wife and newborn son, David, from the hospital. That son is now in the U.S. Air Force, but John is still driving around in the GT, although David says it will be his someday. In the meantime, John is having a blast tooling around in the original-paint, 10,000-mile GT. He has added an FRPP ignition, an adjustable pinion snubber, underdrive pulleys, 1.7 roller rockers, a three-row radiator, a B&M Ripper shifter, a Holley four-barrel carburetor, FRPP headers, a Ravin after-cat exhaust, ARE wheels, and 3.73 gears. To shore up the underpinnings, the '84 sports FRPP upper and lower control arms, and subframe connectors.

Just One Left

Scott Paradis of Dunn, North Caro-lina, has owned three square-light Mustangs, with this '86 GT being the one left for him to play with. Scott became serious with the performance by adding a 331 built around Eagle and JE rotating assembly components, topped with Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads and a Victor 5.0 intake. A Powerdyne supercharger boosts 11 pounds through the combustion chambers, while MAC long-tube headers, a MAC ProChamber, and a 3-inch Flowmaster after-cat provide the exit for burnt fumes. A Frank Lupo Pro Comp C4 with a 4,200-stall converter and transbrake transmits the power back to a stock-axled 8.8 with 3.55 gears. Aerospace Components brakes reside up front, while a disc brake conversion provides the stopping forces out back. These mods are just the beginning, but to list them all Scott would need his own magazine.

Hurry Home

"I'm in the process of deploying to the Gulf to assist my fellow soldiers," says SSG Billy Chandler, stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. "I am hoping [my car] can get picked to be in Showcase. That would put a little light on my deployment."

Billy's wife will be sending 5.0&SF to him in Iraq, so he'll be able to see his '89 LX here in Showcase. The car features a Flex-a-lite Black Magic electric fan, a Jacobs ignition, a K&N filter, MAC headers, an off-road H-pipe, and Flowmaster two-chamber mufflers. Billy dressed up the exterior with a Cervini's Stalker kit with a Ram-Air hood, clear corner lamps, and chrome Cobra R replica wheels. When Billy returns, he plans on adding a 347 stroker, 3.55 gears, and new taillights.

Spending Money

Already in Iraq by the time his letter reached us was U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division Specialist Bobby Valentine. His '00 GT sports Steeda pulleys, a MAC cold-air kit and caster/camber plates, a Saleen Power Flash module, a B&M Ripper shifter, MAC headers, a BBK off-road X-pipe, Flowmaster mufflers, a Ford Racing Performance Parts aluminum driveshaft, Eibach springs, FRPP 4.10 gears, and a Cervini's Ram-Air hood. "Just want you guys to know your magazine is a great morale boost," Bobby says. "I look forward to every copy." He says his GT is good for 13.4s.

By the way, Bobby sent us a 250 Dinar bill from Iraq as a souvenir (hey, we can't be bribed, Valentine). "Hamburger" Houlahan wants to know if 250 Dinar will buy him a Filet-o-Fish value meal from McDonald's.

Does your Mustang have the right stuff for Showcase? Well, prove it.Send your photos and car descriptions to 5.0 Showcase, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. Remember when taking photos to fill the frameand watch out for nonsense in the background. And if you're using adigital camera, crank up the resolution.

What's the Teal?

Similar to Julian Moore's '95 GT ("Teal Deal," Nov. '03, p. 146), Matthew Messing's equally nice teal SN-95 sent us into a tailspin of envy. Matthew's GT boasts ported Trick Flow heads, an Extrude-Honed Cobra intake, Cobra 1.7 roller rockers, a Wolverine camshaft, and roughly 10 pounds of boost courtesy of a Vortech S-Trim supercharger. A bolstered fuel system includes FRPP 36-lb/hr fuel injectors, a Walbro 190-lph in-tank fuel pump, and a T-Rex inline fuel pump. An MSD 6A ignition with timing retard with an MSD Master Blaster coil lights the fire. A plethora of Auto Meter gauges keep tabs on engine functions, while a Steeda Cobra R hood, a Cobra front fascia, clear side markers, Cobra headlights, a Saleen S281 rear spoiler, and FRPP chrome '01 Cobra R wheels with BFGoodrich and Nitto treads keep 'em staring.

Really Unfair

As if seeing Tommy Godfrey's '03 Cobra ("Stock and Awe," pgs. 118-122) wasn't enough of a kick to the groin, check out Bob and Rob Stepenaskie's collection of wicked Mustangs. The elder Bob (a retired Marine) owns the '69 428 R-code Mach 1 in Candy Apple Red, while young lad Robert owns the '03 Mach 1, the '03 Saleen S281 supercharged in True Blue, and the '02 GT, also wearing True Blue paint. Astute 5.0 readers will know 1969 was the first year for the Mach 1, which Ford thankfully reintroduced for 2003-2004.

Two guys and four Mustangs. That means they can't drive all four at the same time. And they surely can't drive them in the summer up in Frackville (I couldn't make that up, folks), Pennsylvania. Tell you what, Rob and Bob, we could use extra Mustangs around the 5.0&SF offices, so we'll be by to pick up a couple of yours and "store" them for ya. Wow, how nice are we?

Another Kick

Like the Stepenaskies' collection of Mustangs, the Medium Shadow Blue '89 LX coupe of Hickory, North Carolina's Daren Price also has us trying to move money around. "It's trimmed out with Saleen ground effects, wing, and graphics," Daren says (sure, rub it in). Under the hood of the coupe is an FRPP GT-40 crate motor with a B303 cam and GT-40 heads. Other mods include a GT-40 intake, a BBK 70mm throttle body, a Pro-M 75mm mass air, a Moroso cold-air kit, FRPP 24-lb/hr injectors and 1.6 roller rockers, a Crane fuel-pressure regulator, a Pro-5.0 shifter, Fittipaldi 16x8 wheels, and much more. "I bought the car new in August 1989 after graduating from high school," Daren says. "In hindsight, I could have bought two Fox body Saleens for the money I have poured into my '89 LX over the years." Well, that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun though. Right, Daren?

Class Leader

Des Moines resident Derek Rehm wrote to us saying, "I love the magazine and can't wait to read it each month. My car being in [Showcase] would make my day." Derek's just 18 years old and he's had this '02 Laser Red V-6 Mustang since new. "I spend a lot of time taking care of it," he says, "and I've won First or Second Place in my class in the four shows I have entered." The car features a dual after-cat exhaust, a Dashkit.com carbon-fiber 16-piece dash kit, Bullitt brushed-aluminum pedals and door locks, a leather shift knob, a cold-air intake, a black GT hood and sidescoops, a painted rear bumper recess area, factory Mustang foglights, Eibach Pro Kit springs, offset rack bushings, black 18x9 Mustang Bullitt-style wheels, and Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 treads.

Joe Mustang

Joe Heim owns this '99 Mustang GT, which he has treated to a polished Vortech supercharger, an Anderson Ford Motorsport Power Pipe, a Ford Racing Performance Parts 70mm throttle body, a JMS Racing chip, a Bassani X-pipe, a Flowmaster after-cat, 3.73 gears, BBK subframe connectors, Steeda lowering springs, and an Art Carr shift kit. The body of the GT boasts a Steeda cowl-induction hood and front air dam, a Saleen spoiler and side skirts, Weld Pro Star XP wheels, and R&M Xtreme color flames over the factory black base. The interior has a ton of chrome and billet accessories, Corbeau seats, and Auto Meter Phantom gauges. At the '02 Fords at Carlisle, Joe's GT won First Place in the '94-up modified Mustang class.

Does your Mustang have the right stuff for Showcase? Well, proveit. Send your photos and car descriptions to 5.0 Showcase, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. Remember when taking photos to fill the frameand watch out for nonsense in the background. And if you're using adigital camera, crank up the resolution.

All-Around Performance

Ivan Ramos wanted his Mustang GT convertible to be a well-rounded performer. To that end, he added a Clarion in-dash DVD/MP3/VCD/CD player with a monitor, Pioneer Premier speakers, and JL Audio amps and subwoofers. For performance, he stepped up to a Venom 400 performance control module, a Jet Performance Computer Chip, a K&N filter, Flowmaster mufflers, an MSD ignition, and Eibach Pro Kit springs. To bring the exterior up to par, Ivan added a Saleen Styling bar and Speedster Tonneau Cover, carbon-fiber taillights, and chrome '03 Cobra wheels.

Not Done Yet

At last count, Ryan Smith told us his '01 GT made 420 hp at the rear wheels, and he's not done yet. "I have modified practically the whole car," he says. He's upgraded the brakes, the suspension, the seats, and the interior, and he's added a Reichard Racing intake, a ProCharger supercharger, and many other items. To make sure the car looks fast sitting still, he added a Cobra R hood and wing. We won't tell you how much Ryan has invested in the car, but you can probably guess the amount is quite hefty.

Not Exactly

"I am sending some pictures and a description of my car for you to feature in 5.0&SF magazine," Verona, Wisconsin's Chad Meyerhofer says. Well, Chad, it's not exactly a feature, but how about a Showcase spot? Chad bought this '01 V-6 Mustang off the showroom floor. It's also his first Mustang. "Ever since purchasing this car, I have been in love with Mustangs and have been modifying my V-6," he says. So far, his mods include a cold-air intake, an ASP underdrive pulley and balancer, a '99 GT after-cat with a custom H-pipe, FRPP 4.10 gears and Traction-Lok differential, an FRPP aluminum driveshaft, a TransGo Shift Kit, and a Fordchip custom performance chip. To dress up the exterior, Chad added a GT hoodscoop and foglights, Graphics Express decals and stripes, a Mach 1 chin spoiler and grille-delete kit, Bullitt pedals, and GT wheels. "I get lots of looks and comments from people," Chad says, "and that's always a good feeling."

Neighborly Cobra

Just up the road from our Lakeland, Florida, world headquarters is John Kintzler and his '99 Cobra convertible. John has boosted his Cobra's performance by adding a Bassani X-pipe, a Flowmaster after-cat, and a Superchips performance chip. To boost appearance, John added chrome Cobra wheels, a speedster tonneau cover, and a light bar. He drives the car daily to his consulting office in Clermont.

The Tortoise and Mr. Haer

Thanks to a pair of righteous Mustangs, there's no way that pokey little turtle would ever catch Rockwood, Pennsylvania's Barry Haer. The most recognizable Mustang here is obviously Barry's '97 Pacific Green model--a low-mileage example of SVT Four-Valve power. Barry says the car is 1 of 1,100 Pacific Green '97 Cobras having Saddle Tan interiors. Some of our younger readers may not recognize the other Mustang in the photo. It's a '71 Mach 1 that features a 429 Super Cobra Jet big-block with a four-speed Top Loader transmission and a 4.11 Detroit Locker rear. The Drag Pak car also boasts an original Hurst shifter. Even though the Cobra is stock, Barry outfitted the '71 with headers, Lakewood traction bars, a Holley electric fuel pump, and an MSD ignition.

Does your Mustang have the right stuff for Showcase? Well, proveit. Send your photos and car descriptions to 5.0 Showcase, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. Remember when taking photos to fill the frameand watch out for nonsense in the background. And if you're using adigital camera, crank up the resolution.

Birthday Present

Guys usually don't give themselves birthday presents, but when the present is a Cobra, it's cool with us. Jackson-ville, Florida's Justin Collins bought the '01 Cobra new on his 19th birthday, and he has since upgraded the Laser Red example with a Dr. Gas X-pipe, a Flowmaster after-cat, 3.73 gears, a Hypertech Programmer, a Nitrous Express nitrous kit, and a UPR shifter. The Cobra is Justin's third Mustang, and he's an original Modern Mustangs of Jacksonville member.

Simple Request

"I am writing this letter hoping to get my car into your magazine," says Don Bell of East Peoria, Illinois. "I bought my '94 Cobra a few years ago and have been putting things on it as I can." He's outfitted his red-with-black-cloth-interior Cobra with a Vortech V-1 S-Trim supercharger, Edelbrock Performer heads and RPM II intake, an Anderson Ford Motorsport B-21 blower cam and Power Pipe, 1.7 rockers, a 75mm throttle body, a Pro-M mass air meter and A9L conversion, 30-lb/hr injectors, BBK headers, Flowmaster mufflers, an X-Pipe, 3.73 Gears, a Pro-5.0 shifter, Eibach springs, chrome '95 Cobra R wheels, a Cervini's Stalker hood, and a Saleen wing. "The car will hold its own on the street, and I hope soon to venture to a track for some low e.t.'s," Don says. We'd say the Cobra is a huge step up compared to Don's Pinto wagon (the one with the small round windows in the back like a disco van) from back in the day.

True Black Widow

We're sure Sal Nazzaro of Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania, gets his fair share of admirers with his black '94 Cobra. The car boasts a Ground Designs Black Widow body kit, an '00 Cobra R wing, APC pro-jector headlamps, and euro corner lights. To gain the desired stance, Sal added Ground Control coilovers, Tokico struts, and Cobra R wheels. For performance, he added a Holley SysteMAX II intake, an Edelbrock 70mm throttle body, 3.73 gears, an Eaton differential, a MAC H-pipe, an MSD Blaster coil, and a Nitrous Express wet nitrous kit with purge kit. Auto Meter gauges, a Pro-5.0 shifter, an Anderson Ford Motorsport ashtray switch kit, Steeda aluminum pedals, a Pioneer head unit, and a custom rear-seat-delete kit highlight the interior upgrades.

5 Going on 16

On April 29, Tanner Parrett of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, turned the big age of five years old, although it looks as if he's well on his way to 16 in this photo. Accompanying Tanner is his dad's '93 GT convertible. The car is mostly stock. However, a Saleen spoiler, MAC headers, an H-pipe, and a Flowmaster after-cat help blow out the candles. Tanner's Uncle Kevin sent us the photo, and he owns a '99 35th Anniversary convertible in silver. Kevin confirms Tanner is indeed a Mustang fanatic. The future's bright, folks.

Does your Mustang have the right stuff for Showcase? Well, proveit. Send your photos and car descriptions to 5.0 Showcase, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. Remember when taking photos to fill the frameand watch out for nonsense in the background. And if you're using adigital camera, crank up the resolution.

Blue By You

You know we couldn't write about blue Mustangs without using that title, and Jerry Flenor's Cobalt Blue '88 GT fits it perfectly. Jerry's definition of tinkering with his car includes the addition of a 351 Windsor with AFR 185 heads, a GT-40 intake, an MSD ignition, and a lot of other goodies. Moser 31-spline axles are set in motion by 3.55 gears within the otherwise-stock 8.8. Cobra R four-lug wheels with Nitto treads grab for traction, which we know is in short supply.

Bright Blue Yonder

That's Bright Atlantic Blue to you Melvins--and Lisa Paquette's bone-stock '99 GT convertible wears it well. Straight outta Vegas, Lisa burns up the road while listening to a MACH 460 system and chillin' in her Medium Graphite leather seats with custom-stitched ponies. Factory 17-inch wheels grab for traction on Interstate 15 toward the Valley of Fire State Park.

Strike Two

Thomas Bauman of Edmond, Oklahoma, almost struck out with us here at 5.0&SF. First, he asked us to set him up for a one-year subscription. We're unable to do that, Thomas. You need to buy a magazine off the rack and send in for a subscription. Second, he made a feeble attempt to get his girlfriend, Jennifer, into Babe of the Month by sending us an unusable photo. "The picture's kinda dark," Thomas says. "It was taken at night." Say it with us--"Really!" Luckily, he gets one more pitch thanks to his '91 GT, which has been treated to a 306 with ported and polished stock heads, a Ford Racing Performance Parts E303 cam and 1.7 rockers, a BBK cold-air kit, Flowmaster mufflers, an electric fan, a three-core radiator, and a K&N filter. An Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, a 70mm throttle body, a C&L mass air meter, and 24-lb/hr injectors are up next.

Backwoods Blue

David Michael of Bulls Gap, Tennessee, says he lives so far back in the woods, his '93 GT should've been a four-wheel drive. Thankfully, it's not, because we'd have to make fun of him if it were. Although David says his GT is teal, it looks blue in this photo, so we're going with it.

"I would love to see my baby in your magazine," David says. Well, we couldn't resist. The GT features more additions than we could list here, but the highlights include an Explorer intake (appropriate for a 4x4 5.0), ported and polished '69 302 heads, a Lunati cam, and a bunch of other components from MAC, BBK, Granatelli Motor Sports, MSD, Flowmaster, B&M, and more. A Compucar 150-shot fogger nitrous kit makes the Competition Engineering six-point cage necessary for racing between pastures, while several '93 Cobra pieces make sure the four-legged horse takes notice when David's at full gallop.