Eric English
September 1, 2003
Running his '99 in Solo II autocross events fulfills Glenn's competitive side. E-Street Prepared is the chosen class, which allows engine mods and modest suspension upgrades, and requires DOT tires. Suspension upgrades can't alter the factory's basic design, thus the rules nix the use of items such as coilover assemblies. Interestingly, Canadian Street Prepared rules are a bit more liberal than in the United States, allowing substantially more engine modifications--including supercharging.

Moving to the goods beneath the hood, the 4.6 DOHC mill is still factory stock for now, including the glass-jaw hypereutectic pistons, but the bolt-ons are what give this Mustang it's exoticar grunt. Cranking out up to 10 pounds of boost is an ATI-ProCharger P-1SC, complete with its three-core intercooler, which Glenn modified and detailed for a near OEM look. Ford Racing Performance Parts 42-pound injectors team with an '03 Cobra fuel-pump/tank combination for adequate juice, while pertinent electronics consist of a Pro-M Univer mass air, a MAFterburner Plus, an Afterburner-eFPC, and an FJO wideband 02 sensor. Other notable upgrades include a Steeda timing adjuster, a Cobra R radiator and degas bottle, an engine oil cooler, a trunk-mounted battery, FRPP headers, and an FR500 exhaust.

The cabin of Glenn's Cobra is just as sedate as the exterior. A carbon-fiber trim kit adds a subtle, high-tech look, while the boost, fuel-pressure, and oil-temp gauge trio is hidden in the glovebox--until Glenn wants a look. Hidden beneath the factory shifter boot is a B&M billet shifter that provides leverage for banging the many gears in the T56.

Power output is to this point unmeasured, but the considerable twist is sent rearward via an aluminum flywheel, a Centerforce clutch, a T56 six-speed, and a PST carbon-fiber driveshaft. The PHP-braced 8.8 was fitted with 4.10 gears and a Torsen differential, so you know the rev-happy Four-Valve is getting a real workout at the whim of the driver's right foot.

Such enthusiastic driving is what Glenn's Cobra is all about, and it seems the perfect high-tech partner to his yestertech '66 Tiger--a nitrous-fed, Boss-blocked screamer. Compared to the high-strung Sunbeam, modern technology makes for a ride that is truly dual purpose, yet both cars reinforce one of Glenn's basic tenets in life--which is to say all his vehicles must approach a lofty 500hp threshold. Yet another stablemate and participant in this big power game is an F350 dually with a blower-cammed EFI 460 and Vortech S-Trim. It makes for quite a tow rig, to be sure! Did we mention the extension of the 500-horse rule is that all vehicles in Glenn's life be Ford- powered? Yup, and it helps further explain the absence of an exotic in his garage, doesn't it? Now when the new Ford GT hits the market... 5.0