January 16, 2014

Summertime Cruiser

Abby and Elliott Parrish love cruising in their dad’s ’03 V-6 Mustang. “I bought the hardtop for Chicago’s brutal winters,” says David Parrish, “but added the Fox-style sunroof at Ziebart so the family can enjoy some fun in the summertime sun.” Otherwise, the silver Mustang remains stock, right down to the upgraded “pony” floor mats, valve stem covers, and retro-style Mustang rocker panel stripes. David says his wife, Kathy, enjoys driving the Mustang too.

Ford, Not Ferrari

Lars Brisman originally wanted to buy a Ferrari 308 GTB from his older brother. “I couldn’t afford it,” Lars admits. “Then my brother asked if I could instead think of buying a Mustang.” And he did by purchasing a ’67 GTA a year after the Texas fastback was imported into Sweden in 2004. To assist the handling, Lars has added new leaf springs, adjustable gas shock absorbers, performance tires, and polyurethane bushings. The “alert and happy” 5.0-liter engine came from a Swedish Ford Falcon that participated in the La Carrera Panamericana road race. “I’m an old man but this is my first hobby car,” Lars adds.

Original Owner, Original Engine

Steve Brandt from Battle Ground, Washington, bought his ’70 Grande on December 11, 1969, and still owns it 44 years later. Retired as a daily driver in the 1980s, the 302 has never been rebuilt. “I change the oil and it just keeps going,” Steve says. Upkeep also includes a new white top, fresh Houndstooth upholstery, and a repaint in the original Grabber Blue. Originally equipped with a three-speed manual transmission, Steve has upgraded to a five-speed along with four-wheel disc brakes and other safety changes.

Second Mustang

In 1968, Rick Martin’s father bought a used ’66 Mustang for his wife to drive while he was serving in Viet Nam. In 1973, the couple sold the car while on-duty in Germany. Thirty-seven years later, the Martins found another Mustang in Georgia that was almost identical to their first. For safety and cosmetic reasons, son Rick sent the car to Allan Shepley at Mustang Central, where the hardtop emerged from its restoration make-over in August 2012. The Mustang is now equipped with a Classic Auto Air A/C, a console, a stereo, PerTronix electronic ignition, dual exhaust, and stainless wire wheels. “You’ll have to ask Mom about the daisies,” Rick says.

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