1311 1968 Ford Falcon Twin Turbo
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
November 27, 2013

This 1968 Ford Falcon owned by Jason Wade from Texas is dubbed the “Dirty Bird” and for good reason. This isn’t your ordinary Falcon that is used to getting overshadowed by its pony kin. With Mustangs usually hogging all of the love, show up with a powerful Ford Falcon and the focus is likely to turn.

This ’68 bird was given a powerful heart in the form of a 449ci Ford small-block engine complete with twin 88mm turbochargers. Believe it or not, there is a car attached to this massive motor, though this only apparent when the removable front clip is screwed in place.

All of that power is connected to a Rossler two-speed transmission, and according to the video this car is capable of an insane 2,600hp. On the rear, the Falcon has a pair of 275 drag radials and a Rick Jones 4-link suspension to help put all of that power down to the ground.

The Dirty Bird Ford is nothing short of impressive as it makes its second pass with its brand-new turbo setup. Watch the launch and pass in the 1/8-mile where the insane 3,250-pound Falcon ran 4.700 seconds at 159.35mph at North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas during the X275 event.