January 1, 2014

Supercharged in Switzerland

For his 50th birthday, Switzerland's René Nyffeler presented himself with a '05 Mustang GT, which he refers to as his "Silver Horse." To keep up with newer Mustangs, René quickly bolted on an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger. "It's not my daily driver, so it's always a pleasure to drive my Silver Horse," says René. "Perhaps Americans have the impression that the Swiss do not own or drive U.S. cars, but it's the opposite. We have a lot of car-crazy people here and many collectors with plenty of wonderful U.S. cars."

Sad Story, Happy Ending

The original owner of Garry Arseneault's '69 Mach 1 was killed in Vietnam. The parents, however, kept the Mustang in their carport for many years until selling it, with just 19,000 miles, to their 15-year-old paper boy, who eventually restored the Mach with modern Laser Red paint, a five-speed transmission, and performance cam. Last year, Garry bought the Mustang from a Craigslist ad, so now he owns the musclecar he wanted in high school. "Just in time for my 40th high school reunion," Garry says. "I am going to park in the same lot where I used to drool over everyone else's muscle car."

Like Father, Like Daughter

When Chad McCance's son decided this '67 Mustang hardtop required too much work, Chad's then 12 year-old daughter, Sarah, decided that she wanted a shot at owning the Mustang. "I told her that she had to help build it if she wanted it," says Chad, who resides with his family in Atlantic, Iowa. Having recently turned 15, Sarah is now the proud owner of a nice hardtop with 5.0-liter power, an AOD transmission, '94 Mustang seats, and a fiberglass center console. "She helped with every step of the build," says a proud dad, "so the car is titled in her name. She is anxious to drive her Mustang to school next year."

Fastback Fever

Mike Spicer favors the early Mustang body style and says he always wanted a fastback. Now he's got two. He recently completed the restoration of his red '66, an original California car with power steering and disc brakes. "I had to add the white stripes to make the car really stand out," he says. Mike acquired the blue '65 last year, a C-code 289 car with power steering. "There's lots of Mustang fever here in Portland, Oregon," he adds.

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